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  1. overlander

    Isle of Cumbrae electric bikes

    Myself and my wife have just cycled round the Isle of Cumbrae, her in her woosh Rambletta and me on my normal bike. Last time we done this was about 6 years ago. Last time we never seen a single electric bike. This time apart from the hire bikes I reckon about 30-40% were electric. Even a load...
  2. overlander

    Swytch on the beach

    3 miles on the beach, even with electrics it was some workout . Would never have attempted it with no electrics was great fun.
  3. overlander

    Woosh Rambletta cut out

    Just a quick one as we are back in the car heading home. Just been out and with my wife on the Rambletta. We had to push the bike back miles as it just cut out. We had to send it back before and it was diagnosed as having a dry solder joint. This is different all was well and then nothing. Any...
  4. overlander

    Carrera Vengeance Recell

    Hi everyone, Just asking on behalf of someone we know. They put their Carrerra Vengeance 2020 battery in the garage empty. Months later it is stone dead and will not charge. He is asking if it can be recelled. If so what company is recommended. Thanks
  5. overlander

    Swytch Customer service and general overview

    Hi Everyone, As some will know i have been using a swytch kit for months now so can now give a proper opinion. Firstly onto the customer service, I contacted them with an issue with the Tour battery which has been discontinued but will talk more about that later. They got back to me the next...
  6. overlander

    Battery Advice

    After my recent purchase voodoo bizango which will be my weekend toy it will sit monday to friday while i use my swytch bike daily. My previous bike Trek FX+ lasted years but it was eventually battery abuse which killed it. I would not like to repeat this so my question regards charging. After...
  7. overlander

    Voodoo Bizango E shimano steps

    Hi everyone, New bike just picked it up from Halfords, cycled home up one very steep and long hill. Will update with pictures and a first impressions. Initial thoughts are positive, but completely different to our 2 hub bikes. As time goes on will put up a comparison but it really surprised...
  8. overlander

    Woosh Rambletta

    Hi everyone, Been putting decent miles onto the woosh Rambletta. It’s been out in rain, snow and hail. It’s time for some maintenance as when pushing hard on the pedals there is a clunk. Checked the cranks and folding mechanism most likely bottom bracket needs tightened. What bottom bracket is...
  9. overlander

    Hello again

    Hello everyone, it’s been nearly 11 years since I bought my first e-bike a trek fx + with the bionx system. It was a great bike but eventually the battery died and the cost was ridiculous for a replacement. Fortunately my knee had healed and I have been using normal bikes. But fast forward 11...
  10. overlander

    Dropping In just to update.

    Hello Guys, Long time no hear! For the members who remember me I bought the Trek Fx to help me my knee until it healed. We i just could not sell that bike, so almost 4 years down the line the bike is still performing like the day i bought it. I have to say that although the bionx kit is...
  11. overlander

    Importance of cadence

    Hello Guys, Found myself at a loose end today so tried out a small experiment out of curiosity. Done my usual training circuit of 4 miles with a killer hill. For quickness I only done one lap per run. Before my knee had healed my cadence was way down about 40-50 mark so pretty low. Currently I...
  12. overlander

    Hello again everyone

    Hi Guys been a long time since i have been on thought i would drop in again. You might remember i bought a Trek FX+, an unbelievable 2 years and 9 months ago feels like yesterday. I bought it because of a injured knee which kept playing up. Fortunately its completely healed and 95% of my miles...
  13. overlander

    Electric bike use and just dropping in to say hello.

    Hello guys been a while since I last dropped in and still to finish my heart rate experiment. But the trek fx+ use has went down but I do believe it has found its role. I was struggling before, but as most of you know I am a strange case with a intermittent dodgy knee. I have decided that the...
  14. overlander

    Are Electric bikes any good or too good

    Ok guys, its time we had some hard evidence exactly what these levels of assist exactly mean. I know we can not compare the different systems as they assist in different way but we can compare assist levels to some level. A bit simplistic but say a level of assist of 30% should be the same as...
  15. overlander

    E-bike dealer

    Has anyone used this company, they do seem to have a large selection. OBC Showroom Karlsruhe - E-Bikestore - Onlineshop für Elektrofahrzeuge just use google translate it works well with this site.
  16. overlander

    Bionx battery question

    Hi Guys, No matter how much i try i always end up back here :rolleyes: Yep my knee has gone again, but this time its really playing up. I might now have to accept that i need an electric bike as a standby or in this case full time. Ok onto the question, today i cycled to work and me knee...
  17. overlander

    Haibike eQ Trekking

    Does anyone know why the uk supplier only stocks a limited number of frame sizes for the Haibike eQ Trekking. I would be interested in the 60cm frame but its not listed.
  18. overlander

    Battery question

    So we are coming up to another winter when the batteries on our bikes are working their hardest. My bike is now over a year old and i have noticed no decrease in battery capacity what so ever. I know all batteries deteriorate but i honestly do not notice any difference. Will this drop in...
  19. overlander

    Reality hits

    As some of you will know i have an electric bike as i hurt my knee in an accident and have been trying unsuccessfully to ween myself off the electric bike back to my normal bike. This is much easier to say speaking but difficult to write but here goes. I have completely changed the way i use my...
  20. overlander

    Storck Raddar

    Does anyone know if you can de-restrict all the bikes or is it limited to the cosworth version?