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    Mud guards for commuting

    What experience/recommendations do people have for mud guards for HT ebike. Their only purpose would be for commuting when raining. I would not be concerned with using off road and ideally hug the wheel and can be taken off without too much hassle.
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    Bosch chargers

    My bike came with a compact Bosch compact charger on paper it takes 7.5 hours to charge 500 battery. Are there any deals/after market chargers say either a standard or fast charger for a Bosch power tube 500 battery?
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    Bosch power tube 500

    First charge of the battery, puriton display still had one bar flashing so nearly charged. Took battery out to charge away from bike, I press the power button on battery all 5 bars go green then switch off. Is this telling me the battery is fully charged or should the lights remain on even if...
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    2019 bikes

    Am I right in thinking the next year models come out in August most years. I only ask as I am about to buy a discounted Giant bike just wondered if I wait until next week will it be even cheaper or do I risk the bike going out of stock.
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    Giant vs trek

    Out of these two which reflects best value for money or which is better bike. Both the prices are reduced. I think they are fairly similar other than the motors. Giant Dirt E+1 PRO £2650...
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    Any bike for a 18 mile commute each way

    So it seems trying to choose an ebike for more than 2 disciplines is tricky. Previously I was looking at a FS mountain bike for 36mile round trip on road and fun at the weekend. Well thanks to all the input on the forum I think I have changed my mind again. My thoughts are either buy a non...
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    What would FS would you get for £3200

    I can get this model reduced for £3200. Is there any other offer or model for this price you would consider.
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    Commuting on roads on FS and HT

    Hello I have few other posts in relation to this topic but I have narrowed things down now. I would like to get people's experience of using a FS and HT for commuting on roads only. The bike is mainly for commuting and secondary purpose is fun at the weekends. I just cannot seem to decide...
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    cannot log on with smart phone

    Hello, cannot log on with my smart phone, I fill in details and nothing happens, I can log on fine on different pc's, any help please would be great.
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    Trek powerfly 5 FS

    I am almost at the point of getting this bike, for both road and off road use. Any thoughts or experience with this bike. I was going for the Trek powerfly 7 HT for £2800 but saw that you can get the Trek Powerfly 5 FS for £3000 slightly less spec though, will be for road and off road use.
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    Full sus for 18 mile commute on road

    Hello, Appreciate there are a few other threads regarding this just wanted to make sure I am not missing anything before I commit. Test rode a Haibike trekker and what took me 1 hour and 25 minutes on a steel frame tourer took me 20 minutes less and I switched off the assist when I felt I could...