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    Cyclist Arrest

    Now if it had been an electric bike, and if that electric bike had been 'derestricted' . . . . BBC Link
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    Nanometre 'fuses' for high-performance batteries

    Just spotted the following, looks very interesting: Link
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    Beijingers get back on their bikes

    Just spotted this: BBC News - Beijingers get back on their bikes Some interesting points made.
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    For JohnInStockie

    Hi John, Are you ever going to get around to that 1000th post. I've been waiting for months!!
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    E-bikers are the Best People

    My 'Torq Motor Jammed' thread has given me a new and humbling insight into those who inhabit this forum. No fewer that seven members have contacted me offering support - from donating motors, to lending entire wheels, to helping to track down spares, to offering to come half way across the...
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    Torq Motor Jammed

    Hi All, I have a jammed front wheel on my Torq 1. First thought was the hall sensors as before it froze up it was making a noise like a man building a shed. Cleaned the connections etc, but no solution. When the bike ground to a halt the motor sounded like it was whirring round quite happily...
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    Virus Batteries

    Interesting. Virus Batteries
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    eZee Forza in The Times

    Hi All, Noticed this in The Times this morning. See the penultimate paragraph.
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    Members' Locations Map

    The Pedelecs Map now has approaching 100 members and has been viewed over 14000 times. See the sticky thread above and ask there if you would like your name literally put on the map. The more the merrier.
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    Boris and Helmets

    Brilliant article here be Giles Coren of The Times.
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    eZee cUstomer sErvice

    As this is not a problem or an issue, indeed quite the opposite, I guess it fits here rather than above, though I am happy for Russ to move it if I am wrong. I just received a new battery for my Torq today from Mr Ching at eZee bikes as a fulfilment of his offer made on this forum some time...
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    Does the Swizzbee actually exist?

    The Swizzbee website has not been updated since 2006. Has anyone ever seen or ridden one? From memory, lectureral almost saw one in Geneva but that is the closest anyone has got . . . unless you know different. ;) Any info welcome. Cheers, Django
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    06-29-2007 at 07:34 AM

    So what happened on June 29th 2007 that led 225 to be on the forum at once - and at 07:34am? Cheers, Django
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    Transparency - 50cycles

    Dear All, On another thread today, Scott of 50cycles wrote: "One final thing about being open, we strive to be transparent as possible." In that spirit, I would be grateful for transparency on the progress of Mr Ching's offer to give free replacement batteries to those whose batteries...
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    Three Up with a Torq and Trailer

    Hi, Well I keep reading about the Torq and its lack of torque, and I have no reason to doubt those who find this a problem as it is an objective fact that the Torq is substantially over-geared. Nevertheless, these things are all relative. I have no problem sailing this trailer and my two sons...
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    Torq Factory Upgrade History

    Hi All, It would be interesting to have a definitive list of factory upgrades on the Torq since its release together with dates. Just in the last day or two I have realised that the mudguards and lights have changed over the months. Anything else? I suspect that Flecc may well have the...
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    Mudguards rubbing

    There must be a secret to setting up mudguards so that they don't rub on the tyre everytime you hit a bump. I have grown quite adept at reaching round on my Torq and pulling the rear mudguard back into place, but it is annoying. I have tried tightening screws to no avail. Ideas welcome. Django
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    Insurance - is it worth it?

    I got an online insurance quote for my Torq - just over £90 per annum for theft and public liability. I have a serious lock and live in a reasonably low risk area; or at least my bike is only left in low risk places. I can't help thinking that putting £90 each year into my 'next bike fund' is a...
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    For those in need of more speed

    How about one of these NEDRA - KillaCycle? 0-60 in 1.4 Seconds and 156mph after 1/4 mile. Powered by what are effectively 990 mobile phone batteries wired together. Django :D
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    Benefits of Bicycles

    Who said that all the benefits are healthy? Click Here Django