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    Lithium vs. Lead Acid: Debunking the Top 3 Lithium Battery Myths

    Further to my comment about the article being interesting. Some time back, I had investigated the idea of a LifePO4 battery for the caravan. As stated in the article, this should have had an extremely long life, far more that a lead acid. However, the cost saving was debatable. At around £1000...
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    How to carry a 2nd / extra battery ...

    I remember when I was attending evening class on electronics at the local tech college, the teacher told us keep one hand in your pocket when working with dc to avaoid the risk of a small current across the heart. Carrying a second battery. on my old Ezee Sprint, I made a bracket to fit on the...
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    Lithium vs. Lead Acid: Debunking the Top 3 Lithium Battery Myths

    Thanks, Andy. A very interesting article.
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    Brexit Rant...

    So we can not send sausages to NI, but I notice supermarkets here are selling beef from Eire.
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    Can Anyone Identify This E-Bike Please

    I purchased my first electric bike way back in 2007 which, over the years, has given me great service. In 2019 I completely rebuilt it but, due to it's weight, decided to sell. Bad decision on my part I think? I know exactly what you mean, Chris. My first electric bike was an Ezee Sprint. Now...
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    Paulchen e-bike carrier

    Probably not. But, as I said, that is the advantage of the mondeo, the enormous space for carrying gear.
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    Paulchen e-bike carrier

    We have a mondeo estate and I can put both ours inside with the seats folded and a platform over the first bike. Works a treat. But then that is what is so handy about the mondeo. A problem if you have a smaller car or non estate.
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    Radical new electric bike drive system requires no chains or belts, entirely ride-by-wire

    Hmmm. What happens if the electronics have a failure? I believe on very rare occasions that sort of thing can happen.
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    Battery Care Tips?

    If my bike battery can last for 2000 charges, that means I could charge it every day for about 5 1/2 years. I wonder if I will still be around in 5 1/5 years?
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    Tow hitch and then a bike rack for a 2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid

    The thing to remember, if a car is not approved for towing and you fit a towbar (probably have to do it yourself) what happens about insurance. Towbar fitting counts (usually) as a modification which must be declared when taking out insurance. If you fail to declare it you could discover you are...
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    Tow hitch and then a bike rack for a 2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid

    I believe the point is, the Auris is not homologated for towing, so Toyota and towbar maufacturers are going to say not for hybrids. It may be that you could fit one yourself, but unlikely any professional fitter would be prepared to undertake the job. Of course, if someone knows better, then I...
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    Tow hitch and then a bike rack for a 2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid

    Or it could mean it just does not fit a hybrid, because of the design of the car.
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    ERider moped Help

    When I bought something faulty and the shop would not help, I wrote a recorded delivery letter headed "without prejudice" advising I would go to small claims court. They did not reply so paid my fee and issued the claim at the court. The defendant HAS to reply to this court document or loses by...
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    GPS Tracking on new Wisper Sport?

    As I said previously, this is a good idea, but does need a lot of thought, something that Wisper are clearly putting into it. My concern is the idea of being caught out, miles from anywhere with an electric bike that has suddenly become a very heavy push bike, because of a fault in a tracker...
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    GPS Tracking on new Wisper Sport?

    Sounds a good idea to me. You have obviously put a lot of thought into this. What happens if the tracker develops a problem, could it stop the bike working? That is just a passing thought because no electronic system is infallible.
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    Dummies Guide to eBikes ...

    That sounds a very good idea. Anyone fancy getting down to writing this?
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    Just Finished building my Wooden ebike!

    Well done, that looks really great. You will be the centre of attention wherever you take that.
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    Rear hub and rear rack mounted battery, too much in the tail?

    It probably depends somewhat on individual design, but my experience of a rear hub and rack battery compared to my first ebike (front hub downtube battery) was that the former was not as stable especially if I was using panniers with any sort of load in them. Just my own personal opinion, of course.
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    How many miles a day do you do?

    Agreed, exactly what we are using and very pleased with them.
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    Securing eBikes in the back of a panel van

    If it were just a question of the jaw not opening enough for the frame, perhaps you could support the bike round the seat post.