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    How to carry a 2nd / extra battery ...

    Just trying to do research on the best way to carry a 2nd / extra battery. If anyone is already doing this, please share how you do it and any advice you have ?
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    Just turn by turn

    Hi all, I’m just looking for a device that does pre planned turn by turn navigation. Preferably with a simple LCD screen. Any simple options ?
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    Stuck at the lights

    Get off the bike and lean it over almost flat, that exposes enough metal to trigger the sensor, just needs a bit of practice :)
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    Whoosh Rambletta or Wisper 806 ?

    Any comments or recommendations on the choice between Whoosh Rambletta or Wisper 806 ?
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    Hi all, can anyone help / advise. I need to convert a Dahon folding bike (Vitesse D7). It has 20” wheels and the front forks have approx 74mm dropout. Can it be converted ? Thanks.