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    Bosch CX Intermittent power loss - error 530 - FIXED

    Just to say thanks! After 20k km I started to have a similar issue with power loss and the motor cutting out. Tried strapping the battery etc. but it was obvious that the frame mount battery connection was quite worn. Also I noticed that the socket on the battery was starting to get damaged at...
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    Convert Yuba Combi to ebike

    Or just buy a Radwagon
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    About to switch to e-bike, any suggestions very welcome!

    Have a look at the Cannondale Synapse Neo. Do a search on here as a couple of people got them and seemed to get on well.
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    Newbie considering an e-conversion. But what.

    My own experience - 3000km on my chain on a dongled bosch CX and its just started skipping. Thats the best I've seen, usually its 2500km before it needs to be swapped. Takes me 30min to swap crank / chain / cassette along with greasing the motor etc. and it costs 50eur so I'm not bothered. I...
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    Help! Speedbox.

    i've a speedbox on a bosch gen 2 CX for 20k km. no issues at all. bit of funkyness around the wired in lights that were fitted after the speedbox but no issue once figured out.
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    Bosch motors & batteries

    I use a bosch Gen2 for commuting and it has 19k kms on it. Its been very reliable and has never left me stranded. The main motor bearing did fail at 18k and the motor was rebuilt by Performance Line Bearings and came back like new. The battery (powerpak 500) has lost a fair bit of capacity but...
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    A little bit about our eBike motor repair centre

    I have used PLB to rebuild my Bosch CX. I found them (David) very professional and a pleasure to deal with. The motor came back looking and performing like new. I had a query post fitting the motor back in the bike which was responded to very quickly and expertly. These guys know their stuff and...
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    Want to know how many miles or km's your Bosch motor should last?

    Sorry for dragging up an old thread but I have had a similar experience with a high mileage Bosch CX motor failure that was fixed by Performance Line Bearings. My motor is a delimited bosch CX. I use the bike exclusively for commuting to work and as such is spends all its life on the road...
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    Review Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 500 2017

    16000km / 10000mile update: The bike has continued to perform flawlessly with no issues or breakdowns other than replacing wearing parts. Its on its 5th drivetrain, I noticed no real improvement between the normal KMC chains and the ebike rated KMC's in terms of mileage until they started to...
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    E-bike chain Vs normal bike chain

    I wanted to correct myself here. The YBN chain was not responsible for the skipping. My freewheel was gunked up and I think it was 'driving' the chain forward and causing it to skip, since fitted a new freewheel (new wheel actually), cleaned the chain and its been fine. I will update on how long...
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    Chain wear?

    You can flip the front sprocket to extend its life somewhat. Not the same as a new one but better. I do it regularly.
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    Bigger front ring - Bosch Active Cruise 2014

    I didn't lengthen the chain but I think that the chain was too long originally. It works out as per the following calculator actually: Its much better with the 18T. I would possibly consider going for a 19T as I am...
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    Bigger front ring - Bosch Active Cruise 2014

    I have an 18T front cog on a CX motor with an 11-36 cassette on a 29er wheel. That will spin comfortably to 50kph with reasonable cadence. I also climb a 10% hill without needing the lowest 2 gears. The bike is just about usable with no power on the flat or on a gentle incline, not up steep...
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    Accessories for a bike

    These brackets fitted the front shocks of my Cube eMTB, make sure you check your strut diameter as there are different sizes.
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    E-bike chain Vs normal bike chain

    Bike was fitter originally with a KMC x10 'normal bike' chain. I Used a couple of those, usually lasting about 1900mls each. Saw a deal with the KMC ebike rated chain and bout a couple and saw no difference in chain life - if anything they didn't go to 1900mls but it was mid winter when I used...
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    Question for Commuters

    I just fold my shirts in the morning and put them into my backpack. Commute is under and hour so they are rarely creased. I roll the trousers. I generally don't look scruffy (I think). I keep a pair of work shoes and belt in my locker. Top tip - keep a spare pair of socks and jocks in work for...
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    Suggest a better value bike than this, please...

    The motor on that is a performance line, not a CX, is that right? Also they list the chainset with a 38T front cog which would be far too many teeth on a Bosch Gen 2 motor. I think there is a spec mix up on that site. A 38T chainset would indicate a Gen 3 motor surely yet the motor in the pics...
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    Bosch motor system life expectancy

    Apologies, I use marathon+ MTB's, 29 x 2.25".
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    Bosch motor system life expectancy

    +2 for Marathon +. only 1 puncture and I've 13k on mine. Need to be run at sensible pressures (35psi) for decent grip however otherwise you'll be taking a tumble, like I did. Do you have to grease an active line plus motor? Suspect its a good idea.
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    Bosch motor system life expectancy

    I fully replace the chain, front cog and cassette every 2500-3000km depending how snotty the weather has been in that period and how bad I have been at cleaning the chain. In my experience the chain and cassette wear together so they have to be changed as a unit. The front cog is cheap anyway...