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    Which battery supplier?

    Which are the best suppliers for a new battery, for a conversion kit bike? I bought a couple of Ping LiFePO4 batteries from Ping about 12 years ago. I see his site is still going ( Is that still a good source, or are there other options people use nowadays? I'm looking for...
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    Replacement controller for Tongxin motor

    Can anyone suggest a suitable controller for a 36v Tongxin? My kit has been disassembled for a couple of years and, when I went to set it up, the controller had disappeared. I don't need anything fancy, just robust enough not to blow on normal use. Waterproof would be good too, but not essential.
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    Electric bike spotted in Albania

    I've just got back from a cycling trip to Albania, and can report an electric bike sighting. It was in the town of Berat, in the middle of the country. A rear hub motor model, blue with a silver battery behind the seat tube, looking a bit like a Synergy Mistral. A tidy looking bike which...
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    2 Tongxin kits + 1 Ping battery + controller

    SOLD - 2 Tongxin kits + 1 Ping battery + controller Now sold - thanks to everyone for interest My electric biking days are over for the time being (because I nowadays do lots of non-electric cycling) and I need to tidy up my garage, so I'd like to sell my stock of kits / bits and battery...
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    Tongxin kit - 260rpm motor in 700c rim (rear/122mm)

    I'm selling my first Tongxin kit. It consists of: Motor laced into a 700c wheel. Motor is 36v / 260rpm. Controller Twist throttle Torque arm 5-speed freewheel (14-28 teeth) Points to note: Controller Those who have read my posts will know that I've had some issues with...
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    Ching Challenge

    Just thought I'd post a few words on the Ching Challenge, which several of us enjoyed doing yesterday. I'm sure others will add more details and pictures soon but here are some short highlights. Glorious weather in Exmoor - bright sunshine all day. Eight of us set off on the challenge and...
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    What gears do you actually use?

    I was pondering this today while out e-biking. The bike has a triple chainring with 28-38-48 and a 14-34 (megarange) freewheel. On an e-bike, it hardly ever seems worth changing the chainring, so I tend to keep it on the middle ring for rolling along 95% of the time. If I want to go...
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    Front wheel traction on steep hills with front hub motor

    I've just been out for a very pleasant, leisurely ride on my wife's Tongxin bike, partly to test it out a bit more and partly because it was so nice out. I sought out the steepest hills I know of near to me in west London, which are in Harrow. I measured the steepest of the hills - a road...
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    My wife's new Tongxin bike

    I said I'd post some pictures of the new Tongxin bike that I've built up for my wife. Now that it is working well, I'll risk doing so. The bike is a new Viking step-through frame. It is a fairly low spec bike, but one of only a couple of models I managed to find for sale in...
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    E-bike hire in France

    On our recent trip to France my wife's Tongxin-powered bike broke down, as I described in another post. This threatened to spoil our holiday, but luckily the tourist office in Angers was able to direct us to a company called Vert Event, who have electric bikes for hire. The shop was...
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    motor or controller fault - what do you think?

    My bad fortune with Tongxin components continues! We're in France and this morning, after about 10 miles the motor, which is a 175rpm in a 700c wheel, cut out going up a moderate hill. When I restarted it, the motor was turning over at low revs (c. 3mph equivalent), and making a bit of noise...
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    Torque arms

    I've just come across this ready-made one listed on eBay. c.£15 delivered to the UK. I've just ordered one! Frank
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    e-bikes in the Netherlands

    I'm just back from a week long tour in the Netherlands. Had a great time: excellent cycling, nice country, pleasant people, even good food! We took our Tongxin-powered bike, which - apart from a blown controller - performed very well. A couple of things struck me about electric bikes...
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    Ping batteries - update

    Someone was asking about the current prices of Ping batteries. I can't find the post now, but I have just bought a second one. My first one, a year ago, was £160 delivered. Last month's cost £222 (again, delivered to me). NB virtually all the difference in price is the £/$ exchange rate...
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    sinclair C5 for sale!

    Your chance to own a piece of electric transport history!
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    Battery switch recommendation anyone?

    I'd like to fit a switch between my battery and controller. At the moment it there is a connector which I need to pull apart to switch it off. A simple switch would be handier. Obviously needs to be waterproof, able to cope with up to 20A at 36V, and not too big. It could be key operated or...
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    carrying loads on bikes

    For those who were impressed with Flecc's recycling trailer picture, this site is worth a look to see what can be done. There's also the ultimate rear view mirror!
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    Kenda 26" tyres x 4 - nearly new, free to collector

    I'd like to pass on the Kenda tyres which were fitted to my Powacycle and Wisper bikes when I bought them. I now don't have any 26" wheel bikes so have no conceivable use for them. The Powacycle ones are 26x1.75. They did about 500 miles on my wife's Windsor, with no punctures. Those...
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    Ping battery problem - is it the cold weather?

    I've read the reports of battery problems which several Kalkhoff owners have reported recently with some concern. This morning it was my turn. My Ping LiFePO4 battery has been in the garage, but unused over the recent cold spell. The sun was shining this morning, so I gave it a top up and...
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    What's the best connector to use on a motor wheel?

    I want to fit a connector to enable easy removal of the motor wheel on my Tongxin bike. The sensorless Tongxin motor makes this an easy thing to do, as there are only three, rather than eight, wires. There are a few options, but I wondered what others might have used, what worked well and...