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    First e-bike ride.

    Hi all. Just taken my Kathmandu for its first ride. First impressions are great. Found it harder work on the flats than I thought it would as I was cycling at 17 odd mph. Felt it as I am an unfit 17 stone 57 year old . Had two 11% hills on the route which the bike absolutely blitzed. Brakes...
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    First bike choice

    Hi all. Reached a bit of a crossroad in my life. 56 years old ex Firefighter who was fit as hell done loads of cycling in my time including the Milk Race. Gone to seed now, 17 stone, bulging disc and anuler tear in my back, asthmatic and on high blood pressure meds. Apart from that I'm fine lol...
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    Best bike for £1300.

    Hi all. Looking for a decent ebike for a daily 16 mile commute. My budget is £1300. I have been looking at the Cyclotricity Stealth 1000w, Wing and Woosh. I am looking for a powerful bike with plenty of torque. Also I would like to have the option to get a little more speed out of it over the...
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    First ebike

    Hi all. Recently go a new job 8 miles away and looking at cheap transport hence registering on this lovely site.