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    For Sale Cube 500 9 speed

    Callum submitted a new listing: Cube 500 9 speed - Cube 500 9 speed Learn more about this listing...
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    Brose servicing in Herts area

    Any body know of anywhere decent in the Herts/ North London area that services Brose motors? Many thanks. Callum
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    Cube exc 54 cm ebike 500 tourer stolen in High Barnet

    Frame number WOW696002KGKP I might have already posted this. Had my Cube exc ebike nicked before Christmas and haven't seen it yet so thought I'd flag up here on the off-chance it re emerges this spring somewhere. £600 reward offered for info leading to return. My other thought was how feasible...
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    Bosch active line plus thoughts

    Not had it long enough or compared to other ebikes over comparable distance to know really. That said , today.. on the hottest day so far.. it felt less treacly . That might just have been lovely sunny end of working day euphoria of course. Happy to let you have a go
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    Bosch active line plus thoughts

    I have recently purchased a Cube EXP 500 tourer direct from Germany. Lovely , solid comfy bike. However as re the Bosch Active Line Plus. Bit disappointed. Very quiet , easy to use , responsive! So far so good. However , as I spend most of my time cycling at approx 16 mph. It's like pedalling...
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    Cube or Moustache?

    Cheers Eagle much appreciated. Both will suit my needs very nicely I think..tho one will do
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    Cube or Moustache?

    Cheers Ford. Too much choice is the problem. Some great choices about and ebikes now have great range, none to minimal resistance on the motors .. Oh and they actually looking like bikes I d like to own
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    Cube or Moustache?

    Hi, I m finally on the cusp of purchasing a decent touring/ hybrid electric bike. I m halfway between the very impressive if slightly dull looking Cube exc 500 tourer and the beautifully styled Moustache samedi 28.3 model. Any considered opinions or perhaps another decent contender that you...