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    Volt Pulse loss of power

    Bought 2nd hand Pulse in July and covered 250 miles with no problems at all. Suddenly this week power disappeared. The battery is fully charged. Throttle turns the rear hub but only at 3.8mph. Display all ok but no power when changing assist levels. Checked all connectors. Where should I...
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    So wobbly wheels are ok then??

    Let's start by saying I am a novice here. Short version – Mid Jan had my 10 year old Giant Sedonna converted by local company. Rear wheel cadence sensor hub. By March there was a clicking sound coming from the rear wheel. Took it back and was told it was the spokes (see more below) Mid May...
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    Wanted E Trike for a short lady

    "That's no lady that's my wife" Anyway, she is only 4'10" and this morning tried out a Jorvik 20" wheel but she was just a little short on the pedal. Anyone have any ideas on alternatives please? PS Just found something called crank shorteners - anyone have any views?