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  1. Perseus

    alba ebike log

    purchased 16 July 2021
  2. Perseus

    Ebike for a disabled rider

    I am now disabled, with Parkinson's Disease and hemianopia, (faulty eyesight) and I need a lighter ebike with a throttle. Any suggestions please? Throttle or hub gears are essential for starts on inclines. PS: I am 5 ft 6, and throttle might have to be twist and go. Bike with rack and...
  3. Perseus

    Impulse 2 Charger

    Before I buy a replacement, what could cause an Impulse 2 Charger to go bang! Log:
  4. Perseus

    Third ebike?

    I'm thinking about a new ebike, more than just functional. Cyclomatic was a much better ride than the Toba. Bike to be used for bulky shopping, up to 30 miles partly off road treks, many shorter journeys, frequently + 15 miles though. Toba good in towns because of the hub gears, awful on...
  5. Perseus

    Beat Bike Toba Crossbar (Bike Log)

    I bought a Beat Bike Toba Crossbar in the need as at £1600 it was the only one I could afford from a shop. Although advertised with an Impulse 2.2 motor it arrived with an Impulse 2.0 motor. Not particularly exciting. Before the first charge (charging now, taken 4 hours so far) did 67 miles...
  6. Perseus

    Advice Tips Wanted

    I need (before purchase) advice on thief proofing particular to ebikes, insurance, locks.
  7. Perseus

    Swept back Handlebars (Design specs)

    Swept back handlebars are more comfortable than straight bars. Is there any reason why the cable cannot be tucked behind the bars allowing the use of handlebar bags (very useful)?
  8. Perseus

    Verbatin Reports

    Starting today, I am going to keep a record of the reports from riders, I met in the street and ask. No point in keeping the records to myself. By all means include you own experiences. Interview 16/12/2016 Kalkhoff with Impulse motor, step through, hub gears, cost £2500. (I did not make a...
  9. Perseus

    Expected Lifespan of an EMotor

    Expected lifespan of your product (Consumer Rights) What is the expected lifespan of a motor on an ebike please for warranty and consumer rights protection? If the goods do not last a reasonable...
  10. Perseus

    Long Distance

    Hello, Got a secondhand Cyclamatic as a runaround (it seems OK for 6 miles). But now I need a new longer distance bike. Recalculated the distances and do any of the batteries last 50 miles? Has anybody used an electric bike for fifty miles? Actually cycled this distance please? Otherwise, I...
  11. Perseus


    Anyone got a Cyclomatic? specifically:
  12. Perseus

    Shortlist £900 to £1700 Explorer

    Please include links on shortlisted bikes. There is only one on my shortlist: Woosh Kreiger The trouble is I want to buy from a local established shop for servicing etc. Also, I want to test ride one. Current status: shed in nearly built to put it in. Not...
  13. Perseus


    Any comments please? I get tennis elbow from cycling (just diagnosed) and I wonder if any practical alternative to straight bars are available? I don't want to pay out £1000 plus to find out I can't use the bike.
  14. Perseus

    Hub Gears

    I want hub gears. Are there any hub geared crank-drive ebikes? Preferably at around £1200. I think a decent hub geared bike should be around £450 so £1200 sounds like a reasonable price?
  15. Perseus

    Battery Location

    For the balance and ridability what is the best location for the battery? I've only tried a Kalkhoff and it seemed back heavy (w/o a pannier load). It did not ride very well and felt sluggish.
  16. Perseus

    General Purpose EBike

    I posted on this thread: The only thing strange is that I want a crossbar. It makes me feel safer.
  17. Perseus

    EBike (First Post)

    Hello, As a regular 10 miles a day cyclist, I anticipate getting a new bike. I had an eye on a hub bike but nearing retirement I am struggling up steep short hills on the South Downs, an EBike might be within budget. No idea what EBike to get? I expect still to use my old bike for short runs...