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    Can I make bike UK legal

    I bought a bike unfortunately. Stupidly it's not UK CE. Due to having twist go throttle it climbs to 15.4 mph I have completely removed the throttle. Meaning it would be CE certifiable and EAPC freindly/legal Getting it CE certified will probably cost money and no idea how to go about it...
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    Education help needed

    I've spent a good few hrs now trying to get my head round this controller I've had some help from a great member on here. I've sussed a few bits. But others in lost on. On off button. + And - buttons. So far I have learnt Pressing the + button and holding turns on front light...
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    Battery discussion.

    My bike is a fun2ride looks like a scooter. I'm modding the controller from 15amp to a bit more for toque it weighs in 36kg I think. Need it to last 10 miles but with the extra torque and I'm 12 stone. Incorporated It's got a baby 200 watts continuous brushless motor. 15amp 36volt...
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    Help please battery

    Trying to get my bike back on the road aftee 2 years unusee. Unfortunately water had destroyed my battery packs. Is there anyone local to ss15 laindon essex, that could spare a bit of time with a 36v battery to plug into my bike so I can test the bike its self. Before I look at replacing or...
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    Head lamp lense purchased

    I have a 2015 Fun2ride bike. I was egged the other day causing the head lamp lense to smash. I cant find out how to buy a new one can anyone help please.
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    DVR bike cam

    Hi people Just wanted to say Dont buy one off these The mount I'm using looks like its going to snap only used it 4 times It only lasts about 45...
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    Speed controller

    Took me bike apart lol Fun2ride e-ped 2015 200 Watt speed controller details Brushless DC Motor Controller YQD U: 36V I:<15A Type:W240-XT687H PS 31.5+1V No:140513624 Power Brake: high level Date:14-04-29 size 115mm*66mm*32mm Wires Twin whites into loop plug = Self learn...
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    bike storage at front off property

    Im moving soon and wont have a decent access to rear garden. i was going to build a bike shed in front garden which is 70×42ft. But found out this requires planning permision. I have an old 4 berth caravan. Ive given up using and its only worth a few quid for parts. Im think to take wheel...
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    Fitting a 12 volt regulator to 36v bike.

    Now I've hopefully solved my range issue. Friday will tell lol. Where I've been stopped by police so many times no longer want to increase speed or power. Next up is Id like to add 12 volt equipment so I can 1, charge phone, blue tooth speaker and sports camera if really needed. I plan to fit...
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    Found a good Bike apt for Phone

    Ride With GPS. Found it really good and quite accurate. Not sure its Incline Gradient is accurate. Easy to use and free from your play store.
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    Testing Lithium 36v 10ah battery

    Does anyone know how these can be tested at home. I found i can ship it for testing at £20+p&p really dont wanna do this I found a shop near me but they say ive got to book it in and that the test takes 48hrs and £15 (Fare on price???) ??? really dont want to do that. I found tester on-line...
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    Bike wont go Faster Than 20mph on down hill.

    Today I GPS tested the bike on a long 14% Gradient down hill . Bike is a fun2rid e-ped limited to 15.5mph. Wondering if my Motor is holding it back ??? Surely down a hill like this I should be hitting nearer 25-30mph.
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    Anyone bought from these sellers or this product (Battery)

    It is the only Battery I can find on the market to fit in with mine.
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    Been reported for Riding without a license and no insurance

    On my e-bike on the road. Any references to the law please. My bikes restricted to 15 mph and under 40 kg has manufacturer plate displayed and its in perfect order. even classed as a Tandem it still only 200 watts rated. Im 39 years off age so well over 14 and well under 99. Any advice ??? cheers
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    Fun2ride Upgrade

    Really confused what way to go for the best. Im uk based so limited to 15 mph I do 12 miles a day and the bike can really struggle on last stretch and on wet windy days. Its 200 watt brush less motor. run via a 36 volt 10ah lithium battery and 36 v speed controller. It seams a waste to...
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    Purchase price £699. +£50 delivery Comes boxed 200 watt 36 volt Looks like a petrol Scooter Instruction Rubbish Manual Rubbish Bike quality Poor but adequate Battery causing poor Floor mate badly cut and No fixings Top box lock Useless. Seat stitch wrong way so water seeps through to foam...
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    Is it possible ?

    To run, 2 * 36 volt 10 ah lithium battery's, with a 72 volt controller with 250 watt motor. I want to drop the AMPS down though, so the amps received by motor is the same power rating as fully charged 36 volt battery (40volts continuous) cheers
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    Speed controller fun2ride ped

    I have a Fun 2 Ride scooter 36v 10ah lithium battery I would like to increase the torque. Can anyone recommend an Unrestricted after market controller or do they all come restricted ? Thanks
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    Testing 36v 10ah lithium pack

    Is there anyone on here near basildon essex or Know of anywhere near that can text My Battery please. Thanks
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    handling obstructions on cycle path uk

    In the two months ive been cycleing im finding out that a lot off people block my cycle path. These include pedestrians lorry drivers are a very comon one some times cars. I also find markings, signage and paths are off poor to dangerouse condition. Where do you stand with the law. Cause...