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  1. guerney

    Anyone heard of Leftfield Bikes?

    Leftfield Bikes have turned up once or twice in my internet searches, does anyone have any experiences of them? I've never heard of them, but they do claim to stock some interesting looking bikes:
  2. guerney

    Is it worth keeping a dead BBS01b controller for spare parts?

    Are the mosfets or other components in a dead BBS01b controller salvageable?
  3. guerney

    Bicycle industry fights e-bike ‘tampering’

    Are they talking about... us? o_O
  4. guerney

    Gas or electric soldering irons?

    Which do you use? I have two electric soldering irons - one very old one with one wide tip, and this one which I suspect occasionally switches itself off while I'm trying to solder something: Are gas...
  5. guerney

    Can anyone recommend a good crimper?

    Because I'm so utterly useless at soldering, I'm looking for a decent crimper for ebike electrical connectors. Can anyone recommend a good crimper?
  6. guerney

    Is the firmware on "New" version BBS01b controllers configurable?

    Looks like I should buy a new controller - are these "New" versions able to be configured via the software tools available for Bafangs? Has anyone tried controllers of this type? Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement controller for the 36V BBS01b? Ebay doesn't seem to have them...
  7. guerney

    What are these connectors called?

    ...also, are they easy to solder? Photo:
  8. guerney

    Inertial mass reduction device, Fusion

    Fun reading, at least I think so. Are these inventions real? Who knows... if so, some could increase ebike range and speed:
  9. guerney

    3D printer recommendations?

    They're getting so cheap, that I'm actually thinking of buying one. Are the cheap ones rubbish? Does anyone have any recommendations for a low cost 3D printer, or can share any opinions or experiences of this, or any made by this brand...
  10. guerney

    Would wiring three 5W LED lights to the 6V wire on the BBS01b be too much for the controller?

    Because so many drivers have bicycle-blindness, I'd like to wire two of these 6V headlamps to my handlebar: ...and one of these tail lights, to the 6V connector for lights from the controller on the Bafang...