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    149mph electric bike

    If you are thinking of tuning your electric bike a bit this could be the target to aim for. The winner of the Isle of Man TT Zero race for electric only bikes today was timed through the speed trap on the fastest (flat) part of the course at 149.5mph. Apparently the same bike has been timed at...
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    Horny youths

    I don't know whether this is just an Isle of Man thing or more general. Drivers here are usually considerate but there seems to be a new craze among young drivers to come up close behind a pedal cycle and then give a long loud blast on the horn, presumably in an attempt to frighten the cyclist...
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    Folding bike

    I find that a non-electric folding bike is a handy alternative to my ebike. You can just stick it in the car boot and take it somewhere reasonably flat for a change of scene without the hassle or worry of a bike rack. I'd meant to buy a new one in Spring but instead I just bought a Dahon Vitesse...
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    Freezing batteries

    Now that the cold weather is creeping up on us I thought this might be worth a mention. I kept the first Ni-Mh battery of my Giant Suede on the bike in the garden shed except when charging. In winter the temperature would have been below zero at times. That battery was down to 50% of its...
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    Cycling after knee replacement.

    Apologies to the more squeamish among you. I've had a conversation with my doctor about knee replacement. He maintained that a new knee would not bend at an angle greater than 90 degrees and that cycling would not be possible, even with my pedelec bike. Has anyone got experience of cycling with...
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    My bike shop has gone to Paris

    Up till now I've refrained from mentioning Mark Cavendish's exploits this year. However an indication of the impact here on the Isle of Man is that the proprietor of my excellent local bike shop is closing up and treating all his staff to a trip to Paris to watch the last stage. Obviously they...
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    85mph electric lap of TT

    Just a quick update on the first practice lap for the TTXGP for electric bikes at the Isle of Man TT. The fastest 37 mile lap was by Robbie Barber on the Team Agni bike - an 84.8mph lap which includes a big climb up the mountain. For an (unfair) comparison the first man in the 6 lap 1000cc...
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    Electric motorcycle TT race

    We are just starting TT fortnight in the Isle of Man - practice week and race week. I'm looking forward to the first electric motorcycle race, the TTXGP, which will be held on Senior Race Day - Friday 12th June. Some of you may have seen the article about it in todays Sunday Times Ingear...
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    Another bee in my bonnet

    I've now twice had large buzzing insects get stuck inside my helmet. They obviously fly in through the front vents and are then too stupid to get out. Maybe they get pinned there by the speed of my progress on the Giant Suede:eek: Anyway it makes for a worrying few seconds before you can get...
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    (Motor)cycling improves your brain

    I see that the man who developed the Brain Training software for Nintendo has been doing research on how motorcycling affects the brain. He got a group of 40+ year olds to return to motorcyling and compared their results with a similar group that didn't. After two months there was a considerable...
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    Vectrix Electric Scooter

    I had a ride on the Vectrix electric scooter today. It is quite large - about the size of a Yamaha Tmax or Honda Silverwing - and weighs slightly more at 210kg. The range is given as about 60 miles and top speed just over 60mph. The one I rode was calibrated in kph but I'd say 60 to 65mph was...
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    Battery mower

    I see that Bosch are offering their Rotak 37LI battery mower which has a '36V Li-Ion' battery. No trailing wire and less weight and maintenance than a petrol engine model. Do any of the battery experts (flecc?) have an opinion on whether this type of battery might last a few years? I suppose...
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    Manx rider wins Tour De France stage

    If you didn't already know, Mark Cavendish won todays stage. If you are underwhelmed bear with me - its a small island and it is very big news here. It will make cycling even more popular with the youngsters, which has to be a good thing.
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    Problem with the website?

    Has anyone else noticed that this website seems to be working very slowly? My broadband connection is fine on all the other websites I use, but I'm waiting ages to read your words of wisdom.
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    Having had puncture problems with my lightweight bike I have been looking at the Amerityres on Hancox Ltd | Amerityre tyres stop punctures, puncture proof tyres, flat free tyres, replacement wheelbarrow tyres, bicycle tyres, all round protection from punctures They are a 'solid' tyre but full of...
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    Derailleur upgrade

    Like many Giant Suede owners I've struggled with a slow and reluctant gear change. When you change gear at the handlebar there can be a very long wait before anything happens at the back wheel. When it does eventually go there can be a huge clunk. Trying to encourage it by easing pressure on the...
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    Suede has a mind of its own

    It had to happen - just after I've bought a new battery for my Giant Suede the bike seems to have developed a fault. My dealer is contacting Giant but I suspect that there is more expertise on this forum. If anyone (flecc?) can offer advice I'd be very obliged. With either battery, at any state...
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    Altura luggage

    I see that when the question of a rack pack or pannier to hold a spare battery and other odds and ends has come up the Altura Arran has been recommended. I'd like to give Santa a little guidance but the few bike shops in the Isle of Man, where I live, don't stock them and the websites give sizes...
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    Conditioning a new battery

    I know that Flecc recommends chemically conditioning a new lithium battery by giving it two full discharges and charges. Does the same apply to a NiMh battery?
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    Giant Suede batteries arrive

    Just in case any other Giant Suede owner is thinking of buying a new battery. The one I ordered in July has arrived today. I was told that they were expecting two batches and that mine was scheduled to come from the first, so now might be a good time to order.