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  1. oyster

    Manuelectric Post Office Electric Vehicle

    Just looking for something today and fell across this thread on another forum. Do you remember these pedestrian-operated electric vehicles? Certainly meant the posties could carry a lot more than in an over-shoulder bag or the "shopping trolley" style devices I have seen. Also was reminded of...
  2. oyster

    Hydrogen Refueller Reaches the Farthest Corners

    Somewhat surprised to see a hydrogen refueller being installed at Milford Haven harbour (the pleasure boat bit - not the oil and gas facilities). I can't imagine there are many hydrogen vehicles in the area. If it is to enable Miria owners to come on holiday - fine! The fence makes it obvious...
  3. oyster

    E-scooter speed limits Just seen this comment about e-scooter speed limits. Can't help wondering what the committee imagines will happen if we have speed limits by local authority? You can imagine...
  4. oyster

    Lightning like never before

    Just been treated to the most incredible lightning display I have ever seen. Almost no noise whatsoever. A large anvil-like cloud. And lightning going on and on and on. I think about half an hour but wasn't really taking any notice of clock time. Neighbours up and down the street out and...
  5. oyster

    Bye bye trolley buses (years past) - Hello trolley lorries

    Apart from creating a new tongue-twister, (should I insist they are yellow?), my attention was caught by this: 'E-highways' could slash UK road freight emissions, says study System of overhead cables and adapted lorries could pay for itself within 15 years...
  6. oyster

    Uncuttable bike locks

    It seems unlikely to me that any bike lock, whatever it is made from, will be uncuttable and strong enough to resist all brute force attacks. But we can hope. :) World's first 'uncuttable' material created by British engineers is inspired by grapefruit and shells and could be used to make...
  7. oyster

    Cube Elly handlebar change

    Am considering changing the handlebars of a Cube Elly - they just do not quite work for partner. She thinks that something more like a Dutch handlebar would be more comfortable. Looking for suggestions and advice.
  8. oyster

    ... someone remembered the bike scheme

    Sophos was gearing up for a private life – then someone remembered the bike scheme Due dil 101 By John Oates 27 Feb 2020...
  9. oyster

    CAKE Ösa electric utility motorcycle can function as an off-grid mobile studio

    I realise it might not conform to ebike rules, but... what? Quite a take on a bikecam.
  10. oyster

    Foot Pain

    For the past few months, I have been getting plantar fasciitis - pain under my right foot. Forced me not to cycle as each day I pedalled, it got worse. Happily, some better foot rest, using Voltarol gel, and B12 tablets (1000 micrograms a day), have seen considerable improvements and I am now...
  11. oyster

    Amazing what is out there

    Interpreting "General discussion" very liberally... Not in the least sure I'd be willing to be anywhere near the M25 in or on this. 'Most unusual' vehicle stopped on M25 in Hertfordshire A homemade motorcycle stopped on the M25 was described by a traffic officer as the "most unusual vehicle"...
  12. oyster

    1.5 metres doesn't seem very far at 60mph

    Newsroom Safety Boost For Cyclists In Pembrokeshire A new campaign has been launched to improve road safety in Pembrokeshire. ‘Close Pass’ aims to remind motorists to give a 1.5m safe passing distance when overtaking cyclists. More than 100 signs highlighting the safe passing...
  13. oyster

    Amazing what you find on Sustrans 4

    Out for a gentle, pleasant ride this evening - and it was lovely - when there was a strange noise. To begin with I thought it was from the nearby railway line - but no, nothing there. As it got louder, I saw it: (Technically, it is not on the main Sustrans 4 but a little branch that serves...
  14. oyster

    Aldi neoprene boots

    Yes, I do indeed wear neoprene boots for cycling. Comfortable. Relatively warm. Waterproof. They don't have that unbending feel that normal wellies have. In case you want to consider being just as silly, Aldi are offering them from Thursday (already can be ordered online). £19.99 Even if you...
  15. oyster

    Brake squeak

    The other day I replaced my front brake pads. (They are just common Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.) Reason - they were squeaking. I actually thought they must have been down to the metal. They certainly were worn but a reasonable layer was left. With my rear brakes, when they started squeaking...
  16. oyster


    Drew curtains at 07:30 to whiteness out there. Bit of a surprise - not forecast. But looked like snow everywhere. Further checks showed it was hail. Needed drive partner in to town, and got caught in one of the heaviest hail showers I remember in a very long time. All roads covered within...
  17. oyster

    Results of cycling accident

    One of those odd stories that, whilst it starts with cycling, goes somewhere very different. Hope it holds some interest. I woke up unable to speak English By Beth Rose Hannah Jenkins speaks English in the morning and German in the afternoon. It's not a routine she chose to adopt - but...
  18. oyster

    Another trike

    Can-Am Ryker: 'A hell of a lot of trike for your money' Dirtch the denim and crystal tips, this is a trike that’s brilliant fun and is set to break the trend barrier Martin Love Sun 14 Oct 2018 06.00 BST Amazing what you can buy!
  19. oyster

    Number plates or no cycling to school

    Saw this and started to wonder what others thought of the idea? Children to be banned from cycling to school without number plates Children have been told they will be banned from cycling to their south London school if they do not put number plates on their bikes. Teachers at Stanley Park...
  20. oyster

    Evans Cycles is urgently seeking a buyer

    Evans Cycles seeks buyer after failing to mount rescue bid Problems come amid a shake out across the high street due to tough trading conditions The bike shop chain Evans Cycles is urgently seeking a buyer as the retailer battles to survive amid tough high street trading conditions, including...