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  1. Laser Man

    Get rid of those troublesome hubs!

    Check out the Beno Reevo Ebike. No hubs! (Popped up on Google news)
  2. Laser Man

    Anyone know the weight of a Forme Peak Trail 2 ELS please?

    As the title, I should like to know the weight of the Forme please. Wifey has got it into her head that these are MUCH lighter than her present Liv conversion, whilst I think there is only a kg or two in it.
  3. Laser Man

    Another white bike Wooshed!

    Last year I electrifried my old Saracen bike with a Woosh XF08-CST kit. It was a great success, but the bike had always been a bit big for me and with a dodgy knee it was becoming a problem. In the autumn I transferred the kit over to a new white Forme Stag mountain bike and that has been really...
  4. Laser Man

    How to stop "watched thread" emails?

    I've turned off everything I can see regarding emails and alerts, but still get occasional "watched thread" emails. How can I turn emails off completely please?
  5. Laser Man

    New MTB Kit Build (picture heavy)

    Having electrified my old Saracen back in the summer, I was so pleased to be back into cycling that I decided to treat myself to a new bike. I spent ages looking for a suitable bike (with 26" wheels so I could keep the same motor wheel) : the secondhand ones were either overpriced (to my mind)...
  6. Laser Man

    In-line brake cable sensors any good?

    Looking to convert three more bikes, two of which have integrated brake levers/gear triggers. Rather than messing about with hall sensors and magnets (like for hydraulic brakes) I was wondering if these in-line cable movement sensors were effective and reliable - and also if they would work with...
  7. Laser Man

    My build of a Woosh XF08 CST kit onto an old Saracen Andes.

    (Sorry - this has got a bit long!) The timeline - Tuesday morning : Order the kit Tuesday afternoon : Make acrylic disc to hold the magnet disc inside the chainwheel. Wednesday afternoon : Receive the kit, mount the new wheel and battery holder; change brake handles; fit throttle and LCD...
  8. Laser Man


    I'm rather excited - I just ordered a Woosh hub motor kit and it should be here tomorrow! I'm Mike and I have been a leisure cyclist for many years, but not so much recently as I'm waiting for a knee replacement operation and have a weak chest.... So the options were a wheelchair or an electric...