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    Yesa LiFePO4 Battery

    I am thinking of getting a Yesa LiFePO4 Battery 10Ah 36V battery. Not quite as cheap as Ping batteries and not as light but he is not shipping at the moment and the Yesa cells will fit better in my case. Here are the discharge curves: I need 15A max. I asked about cycle life and was told...
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    Ageing NiMH battery

    My original NiMH battery is showing it's age ( not the one with the bad cell I mentioned in my other thread). It is 36V 8Ah and I have used it for about 15 months, perhaps 200-300 cycles. Although it still takes a fair amount of charge ( I would guess about 6Ah ) it will not deliver 15A...
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    Replace NiMH Cell

    One of my 36v packs has been struggling to provide current recently. I checked the cells and found one was dead (0 volts) so I took it out. The pack now seems to work a lot better. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it is ok to charge this pack with a the standard (HP) charger when...
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    Please can I have one for Christmas?

    Aerorider | Ultralight vehicle | Electric hybrid tricycle
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    windy weather

    Has anyone been cycling in these high winds? Is there a wind speed above which it is unsafe to cycle?
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    Watch out for black ice!

    My commute to work consists of leaving my urban area to pass through some country lanes before I get to a science park where I work. About 3 weeks ago, when the weather suddenly went very cold, I was travelling on a smooth, straight rural road. There was no ice when I left home but I was just...