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  1. HelenJ

    Happy Christmas everyone

    It's going to be a lot quieter in this household today, just us 4. I hope you all have a merry Christmas, here's to health and happiness. Helen & Russ
  2. HelenJ

    Happy Christmas everyone

    I hope you all have a lovely Christmas whatever you’re all up to - we hope you have fun. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2020 too. All the best Helen & Russ
  3. HelenJ

    Life Cycle UK Video: Type 2 - controlling blood sugar by e-cycling

    Apologies if this has been shared before, it's just popped up on my Sustrans newsletter. Two people diagnosed with Type 2 tell their stories on how an e-bike has made them healthier and happier following a trial. Video courtesy of
  4. HelenJ

    News: Juicy partners with Neomouv

    Peak District based electric bike brand Juicy has today unveiled early news of a new partnership with French company, Neomouv. Both Juicy and Neomouv will be exhibiting at Birmingham’s NEC Cycle Show on stand J141 in Hall 12 between the 28th and 30th September 2018. The first new product from...
  5. HelenJ

    Downtime this morning

    Apologies folks; our hosts took a short while to fix an issue with the server. Hopefully all working fine again now.
  6. HelenJ

    Site update

    Morning everyone Just to let you know that we are updating the software Pedelecs uses for the forum. This will mean some downtime which we will do our best to keep to a minimum. Thanks, Helen
  7. HelenJ

    News: My e-bike and me

    Pedelecs member and longtime cyclist, Zakventis, contacted us to share his story of the “life-changing” effect of taking delivery of a Trek electric bike: I have cycled all my life, beginning with a Raleigh 3-speed bike given to me at age 12 (in 1959) with the comment: “It fell off the back of...
  8. HelenJ

    News catch up: Year 9 STEM e-bike challenge, relaunch of VIT-S & e-bike exercise study

    STEM challenge tasks Year 9s to build an e-bike: Momentum Electric relaunch VIT-S Kickstarter campaign: Norwegian study quantifies...
  9. HelenJ

    Appeal launched following theft of 14 bikes at Earnshaws in Huddersfield

    14 bikes - the majority of which are electric and with a combined value of tens of thousands of pounds - have been stolen from a bike shop in Huddersfield. Staff at the Manchester Road shop have asked people to keep an eye out for the stolen bikes on their Facebook post...
  10. HelenJ

    News: NEC Cycle Show: 22nd to 24th September

    Hall 12 is once again home to the Cycle Show’s e-bike village at the end of next week, with a number of exhibitors showing e-bikes on stands and in the demo ‘pit’ area, including Wisper, Shimano Steps, Juicy, Batribike, Wattitud, Momentum Electric and Panda eBikes to name just a few. Full...
  11. HelenJ

    Site down this morning

    Server error I’m sorry for the inconvenience with the website being down earlier, there was a hardware problem at our hosts meaning that the site was down this morning. I've been told fully resolved now, so thanks for your patience.
  12. HelenJ

    News: Tern launch their first folding e-bike, the Elektron

    Taiwanese firm, Tern, whose inception in 2011 was tasked with the sole purpose of producing folding bicycles for urban use, are to launch their first electric folder this autumn. Full story:
  13. HelenJ

    UK electric bike usage law

    Please note that the laws governing use of electric bikes on UK roads can be found here. In particular: Derestriction, ‘off-road’ switches or modes and dongles The Department of Transport say that electric bikes fitted with off-road switches or modes, that enable a bike’s motor to continue...
  14. HelenJ

    Cube Travel Hybrid

    Just in case anyone sees a Cube (x2) minus battery.
  15. HelenJ

    Open message to all about recent posts

    We’ve had a few members message in regarding some phrases in Smart eBiker’s posts. I thought it would be best to air this to everyone so we can try and restore civility please. We’ve been keeping an eye on this hoping it’ll settle down, as things usually do, but we’ve had a few people message...
  16. HelenJ

    Competition: Win e-bike insurance - closing soon

    Courtesy of Lexham Insurance, full details here:
  17. HelenJ

    Update on Funkylyn

    Wanted to pass on some really great news about Lynda, see below. She's feeling understandably tired having just got out of hospital after an exhausting few weeks, but is now back home. I messaged her earlier to say we all missed her at Redbridge and passed on everyone's best wishes. She's happy...
  18. HelenJ

    Group review volunteers needed for Redbridge please - any offers?

    As you now hopefully know, Hatti is organising a Redbridge e-bike test day a week on Sunday. As part of that day, Pedelecs is hoping to conduct a slightly different ‘group review’ style of 3 bikes that will be at the track on that day, if we can find a few volunteers. What we’d like is for a...
  19. HelenJ

    Gi Bike - have you got any feedback for the development team?

    We've published this story on the new Gi electric bike prototype today. The team behind the bike will shortly start a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to get their full size, folding, smart e-bike into production. It's a striking bike, has some neat features, but is there anything you would...
  20. HelenJ

    Alexei Sayle on electric bikes in the Telegraph Nice bit of PR for JustEBikes :)