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    Help! Ebike kit I can carry in airports and charge my Macbook

    Hello, I've decided to have a nomad life and move from countries to countries. I've gotten rid of most of my stuff but I still like to ebike. I'm packed super light. Just a cabin bag and a small bag to minimize airport cost. I'd like to get a kit I can carry with me in the airport AND that I...
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    For Sale Electric cargo ebike -36v12.5AH - London UK

    Hello, Selling my hybrid bike converted into an electric cargo bike. It has a huge capacity of 80L side bag, but doesn't take as much space as a normal cargo bike. Perfect for travelling around, you can pedal if you want, it's not heavy like the big cargo bikes. But you can also carry load of...
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    For Sale Electric cargo bike - passenger carrying eBike - 48v40AH - 2KW power - London UK

    Hello, I'm liquidating everything and selling my dear loved high power cargo bike. I had a lot of fun with it. It's compact but at the same time big enough to carry passengers around, or carry stuff around: Great fun to carry people around: Bike specs: - 20" front and rear moped tyres...
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    For Sale Liquidation - Sell new battery cells and accessories - London

    Hello I have to move out and don't have the space anymore to keep everything. So I'm liquidating everything. Everything is NEW. I have: - 206x LG INR18650MH1 3200mAH - 10A. Bought on Nkon ( £2 each. - 205x LG INR18650-M36 366 mAH - 5A...
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    For Sale 20" custom cargo bike - For repair - London UK

    Hello, I'm liquidating everything and selling my dear loved custom cargo bike. It used to look like this: Lately, the motor hall snapped, so it needs changing. I don't have time anymore to take care of the bike. So it looks like this at the moment: Bike specs: - 20" front and rear...
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    For Sale Compact and nimble Cargo Bike

    Hello, After I got my bike stolen, I can't afford to buy again all the electric parts that were supposed to go to this project. So I'm unfortunately selling my un-electrified Juicy cargo bike. It's the un-electrified version of the longtail cargo bike from Juicy bike ODK V3...
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    Most reliable mid drive kit?

    Hello, I had very bad experience buying few years ago 2 BBS02 kit. They both failed. They can't handle high mileage. They need to be greased as well. I just can't be bothered to do any maintenance and decided to change to Direct drive. But I wonder if progress have been made? Ideally I'd like...
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    Custom bike stolen

    Hello, I've unfortunately got my bike stolen. The thieve did that on day light and CCTV has captured his face so I'm hoping that maybe we can someday catch him. And the bike is so unique it can only be sold to DIY enthusiasts... so it'll probably someday come back here as well. Here's what my...
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    Quality inverter

    Hello I bought a little while ago an inverter for my 60v battery: But after few hours of used it failed and just show the fault light. Anyone has...
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    Best way to repair my steel torque arm

    hello I have my bike with variable regen and needed a strong torque arm preventing any movement. I've used 2 mild steel torque arm of 8mm with 6mm stainless bolt and it lasted well for a year or so. But now it has split in half for one: And the stainless steel bolt split in 2 on the other...
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    For Sale Hardened steel dr bass torque arm

    Selling cos I'm moving out:
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    Sion - Solar e-car

    I've seen on Seedr this project overfunded: At first I thought it was completely ridiculous wanted to solar charge the car and thought it may be some sort of scam. But then I've seen so many buyers and investors and seen that Sion advertised...
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    Full suspension semi recumbent for long journey

    I've finally completed my full suspension semi recumbent. Specs: - 48v40AH (15s14p ncr18650pf) - phaserunner - DD motor Before: After: I'll try the bike when it...
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    Giant revive

    Hello I just got my giant revive: I can't manage to adjust the seat height: Anyone has an idea what's the best way? I don't even know which...
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    Scam or not? Price looks too low to be true
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    Carrying drink and food

    Hello I realised that often I wanted a drink while cycling. Or maybe eat a little something. For very little weight added, I can now drink and drive:
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    The best headlight

    Hello I've tried over the years countless front light. From the cheap ones to the led to the more expensive one and I've always been disappointed when the night comes in. The problem with more bike front light is their narrow focus, which makes it look bright but not that helpful. I finally...
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    Motor (Bbs02, cute100, leafmotor) not working

    Hello all, Loads of parts for sales as I don't have time to repair: - bbs02. Non working. £130 - leafmotor 1000W on 20" wheel. Wiring damaged - £30
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    Reliable commuting bike recommendation

    Hello, My sister who lives in switzerland is looking for a ready made electric bike for 20 km commuting journey. (10 km each way). she found some sellers in switzerland but they are all very expensive and not that good value for money either. I found out this in France for 600 euro...
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    Secret bag in the bike

    Hello all I wanted to share one thing I've discovered I think would be useful. My bike looks like this: When I go to work, or when I go out, it's parked outside in broad view of people. Lots of pick pocket. Lots of...