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  1. Gringo

    Shelsley Hill climb on my Cube

    My sister is on holiday in the Malvern hills and I popped over to join her for a few days so we could do a few rides together while her chap was fishing. She just happened to be stopping in a cottage next to the start line for Shelley Walsh Speed Hill Climb ! It’s legally classified as a...
  2. Gringo

    Rubbee X

    Just spotted a Rubbee X on a local app, I don’t know the seller or anything about the product but I thought it may be of interest for someone.
  3. Gringo

    Drift power banks

    Hi folks, 6 of these used Drift USB power banks came my way for only a small outlay. Initially I thought they were made up from 18650 cells and i could strip them to use the cells in other applications that use 18650’s like my 8.4v lights. Alas, the description on the case says “polymer...
  4. Gringo


    just spotted this and I thought some may find it interesting...
  5. Gringo

    Basic Cameras

    Hi folks, I’m looking for advice/recommendations for a camera to serve the same functions as a dash cam, just in case ;) today a speeding car overtook six of us on a blind bend into the path of an oncoming bus, his wing mirror clipped the lead rider (no injuries fortunately) and the bus nearly...
  6. Gringo

    For Sale Dremel 7360 (The big one)

    I know it’s not a bike but it’s something good for a mechanics work shop ;) Dremel Professional/Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Flex-Shaft Multi Tool. Bought some 30 years ago for one job that lasted a week ! it’s not been used since then, I put it in the back of a cupboard and forgot all about it...
  7. Gringo

    Oh no not again, Impulse 2 motor 2020

    After all the trouble with the impulse 2 motors, I’m surprised to see 2020 models still have impulse 2 motors. I spotted a 2020 Kalkhoff Sahel for sale with this motor, I was wondering if the issues have been fixed and if so why on earth they kept the same name. For many just mentioning...
  8. Gringo

    Freego Hawk vs Giant Easy-E+2

    Hi folks, I’m still looking for a bike for my sister and two bikes have popped up locally, they are both a used, in fair condition and both sellers are asking £500. As i’m not familiar with either model, I thought I’d ask here if there any pitfalls or short comings with either bike. Any...
  9. Gringo

    Giant Battery question

    short post will this system accept a non Yamaha battery? or does it have to be a genuine Yamaha battery ? longer post ;) Hi folks, I’m still on my quest for a bike for my sister and a “Ladies Giant Entour E+1 Step-Thru 2018” (Yamaha sync-drive) has popped up locally. It’s unused in mint...
  10. Gringo

    Wanted Ladies bike wanted

    Gringo submitted a new listing: Ladies bike wanted - Ladies bike wanted Learn more about this listing...
  11. Gringo

    Views on the elife swift

    Hi folks, one of these bikes has popped up for sale close to me at what could be a good price (unused unwanted Christmas present) I’ve never heard of them before and I‘ve not found any more information than the manufacturers basic specs, I wasn’t looking to buy this type of bike but it...
  12. Gringo

    Wanted Mid drive wanted

    Hi folks, I’m in Northampton and looking for a bike for my sister, ideally with a mid drive torque motor. Some superfluous history :rolleyes: I’ve been cycling for years and added e-biking about 13 years ago. starting last summer my sister has been joining me on my shorter rides (up to 10...
  13. Gringo

    What if it’s stolen?

    if I buy a second hand bike (Bosch) and it needs to go back to a dealer for any reason, would the dealer know if it’s stolen when it’s plugged into the diagnostics? I don’t want to buy a stolen bike but you can’t be 100% sure My reasons for asking. A Victoria eUrban 11.8 E-Bike has been advised...
  14. Gringo

    Country footpaths and why not to ride

    I've never been an advocate of riding country footpath, not for any legal reasons but more because they throw up unexpected obstacles :rolleyes: Yesterday I was aimlessly riding and came across a section of byway I hadn’t ridden for at least 20 years, I remembered they had built a bypass around...
  15. Gringo

    Lidl saddles (wittkop Medicus) gel or foam

    i have two of these saddles on two bikes, one being old, well used And in need of replacement (possibility Covered upto 5 thousand miles) I’ve been looking to get the same again, now I’m seeing there’s two version of the trekking saddle, gel or memory foam. The gel one is quite elusive atm and...
  16. Gringo

    Komoot inconsistency

    Dose anyone else use Komoot ? I've been happily using this free app to record my rides fo years and I’ve never question the accuracy of the information recorded, that is until now. since being in lockdown ( also being furloughed ) I’m riding nearly every day, a longer ebike ride at the weekend...
  17. Gringo

    Lights ( again)

    Just a few words on Halfords 1600 LM rechargeable light. I’ve been an advocate of Chinese lights and separate battery packs for a long time but I’ve been getting fed up of not knowing the state of change without getting my multi meter out. The same goes for my lezyne lite drive 1000. So I...
  18. Gringo

    DIY Mechanical Dongle

    I’ve had this idea bouncing around for quite a while, if I turn my speed sensor magnet slower than the wheel and I get the ratio correct (large pulley dia = small pulley dia + 61%) I can set the display to show kph,the bike will think it’s doing kph and keep the assist going up to 25kph but I’ll...
  19. Gringo

    Smart motion

    Just spotted this in Northampton Nothing I can do but let you know Broken frame no battery
  20. Gringo

    bones or fondo

    So I'm in the market for a new cycle carrier to go on the latest model Picanto. Even though I'll mostly only be carring one bike I've been looking at the Saris bones 2 or 3 because of there adjustablility. I've now spotted the Grand Fondo from Saris, this rack also fits the rear hatch but...