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    Cycling. Health. Covid. Diet.

    They were advised to. One of them had tested negative with the PCR, but thinks she did the test wrong as it was more or less chucked at her through the car window by a guy in a hazmat suit at a testing centre in Banbury. It was only later when she read the instructions properly at home that she...
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    gps trackers

    Great point. Thanks for that.
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    First e-bike ride.

    Nice one. It's the hills where you really notice the difference. Some hills seem worse than others, even when the gradient seems similar. I always found one hill, not too far from me, to be an absolute bastard on a pushbike, but was very pleased to find the e bike took it with relative ease.
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    Cycling. Health. Covid. Diet.

    Well, you say that, but in some countries, the mortality rate from covid is higher among women - link For me the jury's still out on ivermectin. I'm not sure any of us know enough about it to make anything other than an inspired guess. Given that some seem convinced of its efficacy, I'd...
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    Cycling. Health. Covid. Diet.

    At work, we've noticed one thing, and that is to do with the side effects of the vaccine, especially the Oxford AZ. The side effects tend to be much much worse in those who have had covid, than in those who haven't. As for ivermection, I've heard that it works as a prophylactic and a...
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    Both my e-bikes stolen

    Since my previous post I've now got my e bike, and had it for nearly 10 months. I not only keep it in the house, but actually in my bedroom. If anybody wants to nick it they'll have to break into the house first. I don't think that's going to happen. My garage is full of useless junk, which...
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    Cyclist jailed after Tower Hamlets hit-and-run death

    Was that the loon who was cycling in a built up area with a fixed wheel?
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    Ebike Commuting

    That's excellent service. Enjoy your retirement.
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    e scooters - a menace?

    I never see any police where I live - not even a PCSO. So any e scooter riders locally have literally got free rein.
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    E-bike sales boom despite high prices and confusing rules (and confusing BBC articles)

    A confused and badly written article. However, the author is spot on with one observation. The price of e bikes is going up.
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    Hmmm, I'm not emotionally attached to the bike. It's an inanimate object designed for a specific use, and can easily be replaced. But given the money I've spent on it, I'd be seriously pissed off if it got nicked, so I do take special precautions, lock it through the front wheel and frame...
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    How many miles a day do you do?

    On average at the moment, I'm doing about 10 miles a day. But that will diminish in the late Autumn and Winter. @tuniwes : pleased to hear you're taking care of your health.
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    e scooters - a menace?

    The way I see it is that if they rode the scooters responsibly, there probably wouldn't be too much of a problem. But they don't. They seem a different breed to most cyclists (although I accept there are also some irresponsible cyclists)
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    e scooters - a menace?

    While I was here updating my earlier thread, I thought it might be worth mentioning that I've had two "encounters" with e scooter riders in the last few months. These encounters were due to the e scooter rider not paying due care and attention on both occasions. The first was in a local off...
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    Diagnostics on bike issue

    In the end I called a local bike repair shop and the guy advised that to him it sounded like a tyre pressure problem - I should make sure before doing anything else that the tyres were properly pumped up. I will admit the tyres didn't feel rock hard, but they certainly didn't feel soft. The...
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    Don't forget your helmet

    I must admit, I don't wear one, and never did before when I cycled in my teens and twenties. When I did a paper round at about age 14 or 15, one of the other lads had an accident in very odd circumstances. He was on his way to the newsagents and cycling down a hill, when he went back off to...
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    Diagnostics on bike issue

    Thanks, useful info. I'll take a look.
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    Diagnostics on bike issue

    I've got to take my bike in to be looked at as there's clearly something not quite right with it, but thought I would ask on here as well, to see if anybody has any clue what it might be. Basically with every wheel revolution, the back wheel feels as though it's bumping on something. I've...