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    Mugged for your ebike by machette wielding motorcylists?

    A WD40 Aerosol clamped to the handlebars and a handy Lighter should do the trick . Deoderant sprays must also work as a kid set fire to himself the other day standing too near a candle .
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    Best UK battery pack assembler?

    Discuss it with Jimmy and he will give you options and cost .
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    Best UK battery pack assembler?

    Jimmy at INSAT will give you the choice of 18650 Batteries both Manufacturer and Ah Capacity . I have had 2 re-cells done there on different Ebikes and he is good to deal with .
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    Sick of dirty chain, anyone using dip waxed chains?

    As Ted says , wash in Paraffin and dry followed by immersion in a tin of Linklyfe or the modern equivalent and hang from the nearest tree with the tin underneath to catch the surplus drips . The Kitchen was a bit smelly after . Reminded me of the dodge every 5000 miles with my Ariel Leader...
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    Battery Care Tips?

    My ride this afternoon exceeded 35 and reached 37 .1 miles over 3hrs 15 minutes . A mix of A roads and lanes with some long gradients . I monitored time and distance using a Holux GPS on my left wrist and the Voltage readout from the LCD . At the start it read 41.8V and after 37.1 miles the...
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    Battery Care Tips?

    The Charger that came with my Yose 15h Battery puts out 41.95 Volts and usually after a full charge to green , the reading on the LCD 3 handlebar Meter of my Lanarkshire E Bikes Fat Tyre is 41.7 Volts . Yesterday I did a very short 4.3 mile trip involving half flat and half fairly steep climbs...
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    Yose Power - Good or Bad for Silver Fish?

    If you type in Silver Fish 15Ah E Bike battery several come up on Ebay supplied from the UK . The Official YOSE Site shows a triangle logo . They are still around £200 .
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    Yose Power - Good or Bad for Silver Fish?

    Yes, I purchased a YOSE 15Ah Silver Fish Battery for my Lanarkshire Ebikes Fat Tyre in March to replace the standard 10Ah Battery . It was £205 , came well packed and has increased my range to nearer 40 miles from approximately 25 . I didn`t need the fittings that came with it , as it slotted...
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    Batribike Breeze - cuts out after a few minutes

    Could be just a faulty BMS . I had similar on my 2 year old Pro Rider Flare . Jimmy diagnosed a BMS Fault and while it was being fixed I elected to increase my Battery Capacity from 10Ah to 14Ah with new Panasonics . Jimmy returned the 40 Samsungs to me and they were as good as new . I keep them...
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    Where are Wisper Bikes Manufactured?

    Budsy don`t punish yourself so much , you will still have Wales as they are not going anywhere , despite what the Daily Express predicts .
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    Where are Wisper Bikes Manufactured?

    Budsy , it`s done and dusted , get over it .
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    Review Anti-theft. Possibly for those who have very expensive bikes or even.......

    No the 59 stolen bike location came from a tip-off from Cardiff Police to their Newport Counterparts .
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    Review Anti-theft. Possibly for those who have very expensive bikes or even.......

    Anti Theft Devices seem to be a waste of time in Newport . Two expensive e bikes have been taken off their Riders at knifepoint in the last week . A lime green Voodoo Be bop and a Haibike from a 16 year old on a Canal Towpath . In addition a Police Raid on a house on Chepstow Road there found 59...
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    Range anxiety banished

    For several months I had been suffering from this while riding my favourite routes on my Lanarkshire ebikes Fat Tyre . When it failed after 20 miles on a particular hill near my home I resolved to do something about it, as I need 25-27 miles . The present Silver Fish Battery is 36V 10Ah so I...
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    Interesting New French Bike

    The Electronics makes this machine the equivalent of the Boeing 737 Max . Looks as though it will control the Rider . Keep the fancy stuff and give me mudguards and front suspension for starters .
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    How effective is "slime" at preventing punctures?

    Slime helps with punctures but it also causes problems with valves , even the pre-filled tubes . Usually on the ride following a tyre pressure check and inflation . If you use it carry some spare valves and a removal tool .
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    Help! Continuously Faulty Bosch Ebike. I want a replacement

    For your next Ebike I would put your business with the firms that support this Site . They have back-up and readily give advice and Support .