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    Help! Oxygen eMate Revival - Electrics Replacement Guidance Needed, Please

    My Oxygen eMate is fine mechanically, but was always flaky electrically. As a result, it's sat unused in a garage for 2 years. To get it going again, I'll need to replace the entire electrical system, of course. I want to get it going again to use off road. My Cube Kathmandu Pro is a superb...
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    Bosch Intuvia USB not charging my phone

    I'm connecting my phone up to the display OK and I even get a pop up on the phone asking me if I want to charge it. Although the phone display says it's charging, in reality it isn't. When I'm using OsmAnd (a sat nav app) the battery discharges quite rapidly and at the same rate as if it weren't...
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    For Sale Bosch 2A Battery Charger

    I already have one of these and have just bought a battery & charger off eBay. The charger is surplus to requirements, so I'm selling it. It's working fine and has just charged my new battery. There is a small amount of sticky residue from the previous owner's use. It's probably glue from a...
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    Bosch battery charger - what's it worth?

    I'll soon be in possession of a Bosch PowerPack charger. I already have one, so it'll be surplus to requirements. What would be a fair price to charge on here?
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    For Sale Brompton M6L - Non-Electric

    Bought for work when I didn't ride all the way (not often), it has not done that many miles, mainly because my car was vandalised where I used to park it and then ride the last mile and a half into work. Certainly <1000 miles. It deserves to be used more. I upgraded the roller wheels and fitted...
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    For Sale Bosch Powerpack 300 - broken

    As detailed elsewhere, this battery from my Ortler worked perfectly and held a good charge until I came to sell the bike it was on. On the day of the sale I took it off the bike whilst still switched on and that was it! It has been dead ever since and no amount of 'quick Google fixes' have been...
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    Bosch Battery Service Centre Recommendations - mail order?

    My Powerpack 300 is not working. I took it off a bike whilst it was switched on and that seems to have blown a fuse. It was fully charged and shows no lights when checking the battery level. I took it to my local Bosch bike shop. Basically they weren't much help and told me what I'd told them...
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    The Negative (IMHO) Trend Towards Built-in Pannier Racks

    I've used a lot of after-market pannier racks in my time and the makers, such as Tortec, have now refined their designs to match the needs of many cyclists and their luggage. I've just bought a Cube Kathmandu Pro 2018 model. It's a superb machine and I'm finding it difficult to point out any...
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    Dead Bosch Powerpack 300 - Help!

    My Ortler has been fantastic, as has the Powerpack battery & Active Line motor. I've upgraded so I'm selling the Ortler & had a potential buyer here. I was showing him how to remove the battery, but I removed it while it was switched on. The battery is now dead. It was fully charged, so that's...
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    For Sale Ortler Wien 7-speed IGH eBike

    Warwick submitted a new listing: Ortler Wien &-speed IGH eBike - Ortler Wien &-speed IGH eBike Learn more about this listing...
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    Replacement for Bosch Wheel Sensor

    Can I use any old magnet for my Bosch set up rather than buying a new one? I'm going to fit winter wheels onto my Ortler and was wondering if any magnet would do the job instead of an expensive Bosch one?
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    So that's where they were!

    I'd given up on ever finding the keys to the Bosch battery on my Ortler. I'd looked everywhere. I charge the battery in-situ, so it wasn't a major hassle, but still... And then my sister brings over a jacket from my old house last worn a year or so ago, and what was in one of the pockets?! Cue...
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    Continental Contact Plus Reflex Tyres (700c x 28mm)

    I will review how they ride once I have ridden the bike, but I would just like to add a word of caution. These are the most difficult tyres to fit I have ever encountered. I have fitted hundreds of tyres in my time and always coped, albeit with special equipment. These bastards made me swear...
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    Suggest a better value bike than this, please...

    I currently have an Ortler Wien 7-speed commuter and it is brilliant. I'm thinking of upgrading to one of these: mainly because of the disc brakes, more powerful Bosch motor and larger battery. It's £1720, give or take, which seems to be excellent value to...
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    Zefal Cyclop Triple Adjustment Bar End Mounted Bike Mirror

    I bought this after using a couple of cheapo Chinese mirrors and not being too impressed. I've used it on the commute for a week now and I'm mildly impressed. It fits the swept-back bars on my Ortler, but I think it would fit most types of flat bar. Bought off eBay for £10 and used for a week on...
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    Oxygen eMate Controller & Display Replacement

    I have realised that I cannot afford to go 48v with my eMate, but the electrics have gone tits up - again. It's long out of warranty, so that option is closed. It's the version with the frame-mounted, Das Kit battery with an integrated controller in the mounting. I'm assuming it's the...
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    Recommend me a 48v controller & display combo

    I'm thinking of running my Oxygen eMate at 48v. The 36v electrics have gone tits up again. Which controller & display combo will do the job? TIA
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    Oxygen eMate MTB

    Since I bought my Ortler, the Oxygen has sat unused in the garage. I've come to the conclusion that it's best I sell it. It's a very accomplished bike and I may come to regret selling, but I need to fund a battery purchase & funds are tight! Specs: 27-gear with decent componentry Un-restricted...
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    AXA Echo 15 for Bike - 15 Lux

    I replaced this light on my Ortler with something a little more suited to the dark bridleways I'll soon be using in the winter. This is a nice unit, but better for being seen that seeing, IYKWIM. On urban roads it'll be fine, as it is plenty bright enough to let the world know you're there...
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    Building a small (36v/8ah) bottle battery with BMS

    Can someone here advise me or show me a link to a way of building a small bottle battery for a kit I have lying dormant? Someone on here once built a very small bottle battery, but I want to use a vruzend kit, or something similar to keep things simple. I want to do the least amount of...