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    e scooters - a menace?

    While I was here updating my earlier thread, I thought it might be worth mentioning that I've had two "encounters" with e scooter riders in the last few months. These encounters were due to the e scooter rider not paying due care and attention on both occasions. The first was in a local off...
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    Diagnostics on bike issue

    I've got to take my bike in to be looked at as there's clearly something not quite right with it, but thought I would ask on here as well, to see if anybody has any clue what it might be. Basically with every wheel revolution, the back wheel feels as though it's bumping on something. I've...
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    handlebar cams

    I'm quite interested in getting kitted out with one of these. Can anybody recommend a decent one? Thanks in advance.
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    How effective is "slime" at preventing punctures?

    ...and is it true it shouldn't be used with Presta valves?..... Thanks in advance
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    Insurance issue with stolen e bikes

    Just been reading this article which is all about somebody who has two bikes half inched from his garage. One is an e bike. The insurers are paying for the non e bike and the damage to the garage door, but not the e bike, because it is motorised and therefore not covered. Apologies if I'm...
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    Cycling in icy/snowy conditions

    Does anybody attempt it? If so, how do you get on and how can you avoid going over? A few weeks ago my wheels went from under me while cornering slowly on a frosty patch of smooth ground. Hurt leg slightly, but fortunately nothing worse. Then a week or so back I tried cycling in the snow -...
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    Walk assist

    Has anybody ever had cause to use this function? I did earlier tonight. I'm in a support bubble with a friend and her Mum. She had spent the afternoon with me at my house, and we decided to walk back to her house, which is about 2 miles away, and I'd take my bike, walk it to hers, and then...
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    New cycleways springing up - thoughts?

    Noticed that in quite a few towns now, sections of some main roads are being set aside for the exclusive use of cyclists, and I was just wondering what the more experienced cyclists on here thought about them. I'm personally not too sure. The lane is quite narrow, so I'd be worried about...
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    Anybody got experience of "Juicy" e bikes?

    A colleague has recommended them to me, but I'm honestly not sure. There's such a massive choice out there, and I don't want to make a mistake. He's got a Juicy "ticket" apparently. Says it's great. I've had a look at their website but like any manufacturer they're always going to recommend...