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    Full suspension touring bike with panniers and mud guards

    Hi all, I’m looking for a 250w full suspension ebike with panniers and mudguards that are fitted from the factory. The only options I’ve seen are: Reise and Muller Delite Flyer uproc3 4.15 Both are very expensive. My current ebike cost around £1600 but after 4.5k miles there’s not much...
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    Bosch CX error code 530

    Hi all, I have a 2016 Cube reaction hybrid pro with the bosch CX performance line motor. It's done about 4.5k and been absolutely fine until recently when it keeps on shutting itself down. I turn it back on and sometimes it doesn't show speed on the display meaning no power, sometimes it comes...
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    This creaking is driving me crazy - any ideas?

    Hi all, Hoping someone here may have experienced the same problem: Many thanks in advance :)
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    Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro/Bosch CX 500wh

    The bike: Reasons for purchase: - to complete my 25 mile commute quickly, without any effort. - to save money on the cost of getting the train. Purchase price of bike: £1500 Extras: £190 (mud guards...
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    Which one??

    I'm kind of getting there with my search and have narrowed it down to a couple of bikes... Kalkhoff Integrale 10 XT (around 2.5k) Cube Reaction Pro HPA 500 (1.8k) Ideally, I'd like an s class bike but due to the difficulties in registering this is not an option. However, if anyone knows a way...
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    Kalkhoff Impulse 2.0 - any good reviews?

    I've been considering buying one of these but every 'real' review I've seen has reported serious mechanical failure. Has anyone completed any decent mileage without trouble? I understand how forums work and that most only rewiew when they have problems but have been seriously put off by...
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    Derestricted Impulse 2 experiences

    Can anyone share their experience with a derestricted 250W Impulse 2 Kalkhoff motor? I'm interested in speed and durability. It seems the same motor when sold in the US is limited to 20 mph so it would follow that running at least a bit quicker is OK. Please PM if you'd prefer. Thanks :)
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    Kalkhoff Owners Speeds?

    I've been reading up on these and have read that they have pedal assist up to about 17mph. Also, that it's possible to change wheel circumference in the settings menu. Can anyone confirm if this is true? Thanks:)
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    Hello all, thanks for the forum!

    Hi all, My name is Sam and I'm an alcoholic. Damn, sorry, wrong forum..... ;) I found this place through searching for anything on ebikes and it's been really helpful so thank you everybody :) Anything with wheels I like. I go through phases of getting slightly less unfit on my road bike and...