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    Woman fighting for life after 'e-bike' hit-and-run in east London

    Sounds like a nasty incident
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    Advice for my sister

    I guess I could post this in the main forum but I am now more used to these sheltered waters. My sister (50s) fancies an electric bike. She lives in hilly N Devon and visits Bristol very regularly - she can afford a good budget. I am so long out of the e-bike scene I don't think I have the...
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    Today's Times article

    Quite a positive article about electric bikes in today's Times
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    Sunday Times article

    There's an article in today's Sunday Times about over-fast ebikes being used on the road illegally. Here's a few paragraphs. (I'll be happy to copy the whole article if allowed). Retailers are selling powerful electric bicycles with motors capable of breaking the regulations limiting their...
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    Fully covered e-bike

    Looks like Noddy has new transport options
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    Today's Sunday Times

    The Test Bench (in the car section) has a comparison of 5 e-bikes.
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    In today's paper

    At the risk of starting up the whole controversy I was interested to see this from Henry Marsh (author of the excellent book Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery) in today's paper - it pretty much coincides with my view: Henry Marsh, who works at St George’s Hospital in...
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    I saw this on my travels round the internet - it seems like a bit of overkill to me but maybe other more regular users of GPS think it's a good idea ? One Per Cent: Vibrating navigator shows cyclists the way
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    Now that's an expensive battery

    For the Model S, the second electric car from Tesla: The Model S comes with a choice of three battery packs. The entry-level version promises a range of 160 miles and costs $49,900 (£32,000) once a government rebate of $7,500 is taken into account). The top-flight Signature Performance model...
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    It is an electric bike - sort of

    Harvey's electric air bike
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    Why don't Americans use electric bicycles?

    I saw this on a blog I follow - might be of interest to some Biking, With A Boost - The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - The Daily Beast
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    Techie help?

    I know a few (most?) of the pedelecians are more computer-comfortable than me so any assistance would be appreciated. I was away for 10 days and when I came back my desktop (HP Pavilion) booted up but put out no signal to the monitor. I took it to a computer repair shop here in Phnom Penh and...
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    The Times launches a campaign to improve the safety of cycling

    I thought that pedelecs members might be interested in this - it is technically a paywalled article but since it is a campaign to get the word out I don't think that copyright should be an issue: The Times today launches a campaign to improve the safety of cycling in Britain’s towns and...
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    Anybody interested in good writing might like Longform if you haven't already come across it - I thought of The Charging Post because I found an article on bike thefts in the US Stolen Bikes
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    Cycling accidents

    There is a piece in the Times today about cycling accidents - one of the paper's reporters was recently injured - since it is behind a paywall here are some extracts: A reporter from The Times is in a critical condition in hospital after a collision with a lorry while cycling across a...
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    Puncture repair in Cambodia

    No poncey glue here, instead an oil fired press which galvanises the patch to the inner tube I don't understand why I always fail to post pictures here - anyway the link is
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    What happens to a battery left unused for 2-3 years?

    We are relocating to Cambodia in a month and need to decide what to do with the Mantra iStep with a Bionx system - sell it or store it, possibly for several years. My wife would like to hang on to it (ie leave it here) but if we are going to need to replace the battery on our return it's...
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    Matthew Parris of the Times has discovered electric bikes

    A couple of excerpts (I got told off when I copied too much of the Times once before) They’re brilliant! Belinda, who lives at L’Avenc, the ancient house we’ve restored in the mountains on the Spanish Catalan side of the Pyrenees, has bought four of these bikes from a manufacturer in...
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    Sunday Times Travel section

    There is a preview on the website for tomorrow's paper trailing an article in which Martin Hemming travels to the Peak District to test out the first route in the UK's trail-blazing Electric Bike Network - and challenges a cyclist.
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    A lesson for one aggressive driver

    A story about what happened to a driver who attempted to bully a cyclist (not aware that she was an off-duty DC cop): A Girl and Her Bike: Victory (sort of)