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    My new Big Bear Plus.

    As the title says, it came this morning. I couldn't wait to get it unpacked from it's very safe and secure packing with loads of velcro straps to hold everything safely. Checking the battery it was nearly fully charged so after checking it over, and finding almost nothing to do as it was all...
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    7ah bottle battery left fully Charged

    Hi guys, Iv not used my bike in months and realised I had left it fully charged when I got it out the other day. Is they're a way off telling how much capacity it might have lost going on the reading before going out to coming back.? It was charged to 41.7 before going out and 38.6 after nine...
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    Battery not used for weeks.

    Hi guys, being new to this iv read about storing batteries for prolonged periods but just wondered because of the weather iv been unable to use my bike for a while. With my battery fully charged how long can it go without use before any degradation or damage might occur? Many thanks.
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    How would I best waterproof where the wire goes into the sensor as I noticed a gap, and reading about someone's problem after rain effected they're pedalec thought I'd better try to prevent it happening to me. Any other tips for the rest of the kits waterproofing would be great too, thanks guys.
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    Sparking when I plug the battery in to charge.

    Hi guys Every time I plug the little plug into my cyclotricity battery to charge it sparks. The charger isn't switched on at the plug. Is this normal ?
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    Cyclotricity 250 watt front hub kit

    Hi guys I thought I'd let know how iv got on with this kit Fitting it to my Raleigh Royal thats about 15 years old was straight forward other than the hub nearly touching the fork, so a washer was needed and solved the problem. I'm using the throttle only as the pedalec disk won't fit due to the...
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    New to Electric cycling

    Hi everyone I used to cycle all the time years ago but couldn't rekindle my love of pain and sweat so looked into a conversion kit. I browsed for ages deciding what to go for and ended up with a cyclotricity 250 watt front wheel motor kit. I look forward to looking around here and maybe even...