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    bafang clutch

    For those who wonder what`s inside the Bafang hub motor clutch. I have just replaced my misbehaving clutch and although having seen a similar photos on the Webb I thought I`d share mine. Couldn't resist opening it up. I had all the same problems as another member...
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    For Sale king-meter lcd 529 48 v

    never sure how this all works but I put in a classified for above item but does not come up in "new classified listings" I can only find it in "Classifieds" on the left. <------<<
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    can anyone enlighten me about 48v batteries that I see advertised as 5-parallels 13-series cell quantity 65 with different AH`s with Samsung 35E cells? and in general how the AH rating is calculated. just confused. o_O
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    suntour sr m7600

    long shot.. but I converted an old steel Raleigh mountain bike end of last year that has these forks "suntour sr m7600" using on road only but now covered almost 3000 miles in this configuration showing signs of wear probably needs new sleeves. I did once but now can not find any info on the web...