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  1. Gavin

    New Tongsheng mid drive kit won't power up

    Are you turning the crank by hand with the back wheel off the floor, expecting to feel the motor "kick in"? If so, don't forget it's a torque-sensing motor. It detects the twist in the crank to sense torque, then multiplies it. If there's no resistance on the back wheel you won't twist the...
  2. Gavin

    Eeeking a little more speed out of a tongsheng, will a road bike help?

    If you like every other aspect of your MTB then an alternative to two bikes would be two wheelsets. Set 1- fat rims/ knobblies/ lower-geared cassette for off-road. Set 2- thinner rims/ road tyres/ raised gearing for road work. Less clutter in the garage and it gives you a spare set of wheels...
  3. Gavin

    Oh dear- who's been throwing batteries in the bin?!
  4. Gavin

    Chinese Emtb repairs

    Posts like this surface quite regularly Geoff and it seems that a lot of bike shops are scared of trying to fix ebikes. In my opinion that's a poor business model because it's an emerging market for them. I also think there's a degree of prejudice towards Chinese products in the market. I'm not...
  5. Gavin

    ebike conversion kit newbie

    Welcome Dan It would be worth doing a brief "build report" (in the conversion kit section of the forum) letting people know the kit you used, the bike you fitted it to, any challenges you faced and learns from the experience. It would also be worth mentioning your own knowledge/ experience...
  6. Gavin

    New to electric

    Welcome to the forum Bowser. Just a bit of info that will (hopefully) save you some aggro- you don't need to remove the wheel to fix a puncture. Break the tyre bead over the outside of the rim, pull the tube outside, find/ fix the puncture. Reassembly is the reversal of removal. Obviously...
  7. Gavin

    Bicycle Repair - Plastic Parts

    This is useful to know. If VFR's glued up spoke fails on a steep downhill, he'll be able to repair his teeth with this stuff :D
  8. Gavin

    Bicycle Repair - Plastic Parts

    Let us know if it holds up. Sounds like useful stuff for my motorbike emergency bodge kit. Did you key the metal first or just slap the glue straight on the smooth spoke?
  9. Gavin

    Bicycle Repair - Plastic Parts

    The added bonus is that (now you've fixed your glasses) you can use the UV torch to check for forged bank notes
  10. Gavin

    hi folks new member down mayday mayday lcd info needed

    Interesting. I know everyone's working from home nowadays but this guy is taking it a bit far- working from his car. Poor fella
  11. Gavin

    hi folks new member down mayday mayday lcd info needed

    The golden rule with fault-finding is to eliminate as many variables as possible. It sounds like your brother is a variable. You therefore need to eliminate him
  12. Gavin

    Where to find cheap frame and front suspension forks?

    If you don't mind a bit of tinkering, go to a big council-run tip and look in their metal recycling. You'll be amazed (or deeply depressed) by the bikes that people throw away, some of them completely functional. You might have to chuck a fiver at one of the staff for their beer fund... If...
  13. Gavin

    What's the best bafang for my buck?

    Are you dead set on a Bafang? If not there's also the Tongsheng TSDZ2 available for a mid-drive conversion. It's a very different proposition to the Bafang as it uses torque sensing rather than cadence sensing but it might be what you're after...
  14. Gavin

    Non bike rider grateful for any advice

    When you say you cannot yet ride a bike, do you mean that literally? If so I would recommend you get a cheap/ free (non electric) bike from freecycle/ gumtree/ ebay and try one out in various environments. I say that because new electric bikes rapidly depreciate in value. If you buy one and...
  15. Gavin

    Motor Drag

    Very impressive @Woosh- you've earned a cup of tea for that one!
  16. Gavin

    Bike not working on cold mornings.

    Just to give some reassurance- other ebikes are much better so don't let that lemon put you off! Once you've got your refund, come back on here for a recommendation to replace it. There's a lot of (much better) ebikes available at that price point...
  17. Gavin

    Orbea Katu E50

    Hi Phil- welcome. As I understand it, you're thinking of "stockpiling" a spare battery now (that you don't presently need) because you're worried you won't be able to get one in the future? Some things to consider: a) Your existing battery may last longer than you think. There are guys on...
  18. Gavin

    Bike not working on cold mornings.

    Whilst you might not like what's being said @Clavicle the fact is....those bikes have a terrible reputation for reliability. Just search this forum if you doubt it. Assuming you bought it new from a recognised retailer then you need to go back to them and, make it their problem, ASAP. The...
  19. Gavin

    Way of charging externally without power point

    Do please elaborate, VFR...
  20. Gavin

    Way of charging externally without power point

    Maybe the OP lives in a hammer factory....or a brothel!