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    Juicy Classic Dutch or Apache Wakita City 2020 model 26 inch?

    if you want the best deal, like most items - buy out of season. A retailer will be more willing to do a deal then or alternatively buy last seasons model. One thing I would like to see change is models not changing every year. Only change things when needed e.g. new motor etc. Sometimes it...
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    Belt or chain, derailleur or hub?

    Definitely go for something with a 500wh battery. There are some new 625wh batteries as well but you might struggle to find one in your budget.
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    Belt or chain, derailleur or hub?

    Simplest within your budget: I would go Bosch crank drive with hub gears and marathon plus tyres. If you do get a puncture you have normal front and rear wheels but with these tyres it is less likely. I would also choose a bike with hydraulic brakes, ideally disc. If you raise your budget...
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    Belt or chain, derailleur or hub?

    Unless you are going to independently test both it is impossible to answer 100%. Also it depends when you change the chain as well, you could run it until it breaks or change it based on a wear indicator which would be sooner. Chains are generally cheaper so even if they don't last as long...
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    Belt or chain, derailleur or hub?

    We have several customers who have done more than 7000 miles on their original belt. In our experience they last longer than chains but are more expensive to replace. This experience is based on selling belt drive bikes for four or five years. In this time we have had one faulty belt. The...
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    Tern Vs Riese & Müller

    Hi All, Great advice as per usual. I concur that both bikes are very different so it just comes down to how the bike is being used. Both are great and l think test riding a few bikes out would enable you to choose the right bike. I would much rather people come back a few times or take their...
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    R&M Supercharger...some questions!

    The electric Rolhoff R&M Supercharger is excellent. Would definitely recommend. Ideally I would try one out and see what you think. The R&M rep has a demo fleet which shops can borrow so worth checking if your local shop can borrow one for you to try. Good luck!
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    Help! Bike servicing

    Never had any queries from Bosch re servicing when we have had warranty issues on a bike we've sold.
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    Electric Bike number two - requirements

    Hi Penny, We operate within around 2 hours of our address and stock a range of bikes. Feel free to pop down and try some bikes out. We currently have Riese & Muller, Wisper, Tern, Bergamont and should be getting the new Gepida's soon. If there is a particular model you want from the Gepida...
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    Wanted WANTED original Yamaha Bosch Ebike charger

    Sorry I don't have any spare chargers. David
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    Wanted WANTED original Yamaha Bosch Ebike charger

    I will have a look I might have a spare.
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    Love my Wisper...hate its squeaky brakes...

    Try SwissStop brake silencer. It is expensive but we have tried it and it works.
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    What's happening at 50 Cycles?

    I feel sorry for the customers but having been on the receiving end of a rude call from one of their directors I have to say I will not miss them. All because they were slagging off BH who were not on the forum. This was after a customer had said something about BH so not even first hand. I hope...
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    Wisper After Sales Service.

    I think in this throwaway age the fact you have companies like Wisper who are also there post warranty is great. We have been a retailer with them for nearly 10 years and have always found them to be very helpful for advice and guidance. Yes in an ideal world everyone who like things fixed...
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    Cadence and torque sensors

    Just to confuse matters the KTM e Cross had a torque sensor but having sold them before it has an incredible kick to it, I think it gave you up to about 400% assistance in the top mode. As someone else mentioned it does depend which motor you are comparing to the hub drive KTM.
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    Which R&M .. lots of help needed

    Hi My best advice would be to go to a local R&M dealer and try some bikes. R&M also have a UK demo fleet which they can loan out to dealers so even if they don't have your model they might be able to borrow something similar. Regarding the Vario versus Rolhoff, I would try out a bike with the...
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    35-40 mile round trip commute

    We don't sell to your area (only within 2 hours of our address). However in my experience it is worth considering a belt drive with crank drive motor. Depends whether you like hub gears, you could have enviolo (previously called Nuvinci) which is technically a CVT (continuously variable...
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    Hi from Norwich

    Good luck with the test ride. You would be welcome to visit us for free test rides. We also offer free loan bikes in the event of an issue if you bought a bike from us. Regards, David
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    Stolen Bikes & Van

    We had the following stolen last night Bergamont E-Revox 5.0, frame number - BGM7K17M00423, key number AXA 6388L Haibike sDuro HardSeven 4.0 (2017), frame number - HAY7A500-A#AV16432826, key number Trelock H208225 Haibike sDuro Cross 4.0 (2017), frame number - HAYTA480-C#AV16634310, key number...
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    Full sus for 18 mile commute on road

    Shame you are not in Norfolk got a Delite I could do for a really good price. Good luck with it all. I agree with other people that you should try a range of different bikes to see which would suit you best. Regards David.