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  1. Skysurfer

    brake switch for hydraulic brakes

    Now available as Thing: 3439550.
  2. Skysurfer

    brake switch for hydraulic brakes

    No link, there, can't stick a file on your f/b or Twatter a/c. Won't attach, either (unsupported file extension). Bugger. Ho hum. You know full well who this is... :)
  3. Skysurfer

    brake switch for hydraulic brakes

    Would do, but am having difficulty in finding resources section... :(
  4. Skysurfer

    brake switch for hydraulic brakes

    Old thread, but still valid. My take on this was to 3D print brackets, using a cheap PRC N.O. push to make switch.
  5. Skysurfer

    Woosh Bali

    Just seen these posts. Update on my Bali. All good, and still enjoying it tremendously, am a serious Woosh convert! Seems my link wasn't in that last post of mine, so I'll try again, here... Thanks to Jim & Andy at the shop.
  6. Skysurfer

    Breaking/project, Giant Revive, electric & non.

    All sorts. One almost complete pedal version. The pedal frame was obtained a couple of years ago,, and been fitted with a cheap Tesco kid's bike fittings, but it works fine. Needs a backrest to finish. One electric bike in bits. The electric frame has two wheels, but no forks (they're different...
  7. Skysurfer

    Woosh Bali

    I've done around 800 miles on mine, & I love it so much, my other bikes are going. My full review is here, at least for now.
  8. Skysurfer

    Handle bar problem

    trex, thanks for your replies on this thread. I've just bought a Bali, and suffered the same slack stem. Same click, too. Stem: Fixed, thanks to this thread. Click: I'm sure it's the 'gearbox' engaging, bit off putting initially, but only as weird as when still, backpedalling and the chain...
  9. Skysurfer

    Giant Spirit/Revive e-bike build.

    Haar! Y'all know what coming next... Yup. identifying the wires. I have the looms that exit the motor, but no control gear. Rooting through t'interweb to buy the original controllers isn't really an option, it's more than a bit cost prohibitive. But. I'm sure that with correct ID on the looms...
  10. Skysurfer

    Giant Spirit/Revive e-bike build.

    Genius! Top site, will absorb & overcome! :D
  11. Skysurfer

    Giant Spirit/Revive e-bike build.

    d8veh, thanks for your post. Not too sure, I was hoping that the output from the controller would be just a variable voltage, as the motor, although apparently brushless, seems to have the controlling circuit built in to the casing that mounts the drive to the bike, with only two thick wires...
  12. Skysurfer

    Bargain buy - Parts

    I'm looking for a 24v 250w controller for brushed motors with PAS.
  13. Skysurfer

    Giant Spirit/Revive e-bike build.

    Hi, folks. I've a few bits of said machine, notably the Panasonic brushless motor I'm going to hopefully run. I'm having difficulty in sourcing a suitable controller. It has TWO thick power wires, red & black. I'm assuming the electronics are in the ally case to actually drive the motor, as it...
  14. Skysurfer

    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    I had an accident that left my feet & legs at less than optimum. I now suffer from advanced, chronic arthritis in my left foot. I walked into Decathlon to buy a low-end 'mountain' bike, and came out with their last e-bike, an elops hybrid, with front drive. It was the display model, & I managed...
  15. Skysurfer


    All fine, but try to use them with cold, wet hands... I'm still looking for XLR's with at least IP68. Best,
  16. Skysurfer


    Apologies if this isn't in the right forum, I can't figure out how to post in Technical. Dhuh! Electric bikes are convenient, but the battery has to be connected to the loom on the bike. Has anybody found a cost effective (translate:- cheap) plug to do this? I've tried to look at 3 pin XLR's...
  17. Skysurfer

    New Speedict Coming

    I know what you mean, I'd be hitting it with a brick. But it seems like a 'tickler' for your system. Although you can get GPS, speed, distance logged from your phone as a stand alone, this thing would be useful to me to ensure that my cells don't drop below max discharge. But as I'd have to take...
  18. Skysurfer

    Help needed, Li-Ion pack wiring

    Hi, guys. I've obtained a second hand Li-Ion pack off a wheelchair. The cells seem to be OK, 64 of them! I don't think they're A123's, as there's no indication of that on them. I bought an excellent balance charger from Overlander, Lipo Battery Balance Charger Overlander RC-8S Pro | Overlander...
  19. Skysurfer

    Currie or Electro-Drive Motor

    I have a Currie drive, and am just beginning to use it. Not too convinced, with all the weight being on my rear wheel... I'm going to put it up for sale, soon, at what should be a very attractive price.