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    Ebike not working.

    Hi there, a few months ago I posted a query about my Ebike how it just stopped while out on a ride one day,it's a 350w 36v 13ah fat tyre snow bike, I thought it was the C500 lcd display unit that was faulty, bought a new one, Ebike still not working, then the Ebike forum's suggested it could be...
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    Help! c500 lcd display.

    Hi, my c500 lcd display unit on my Ebike just went blank, when I got home I checked all the wiring and connectors, all seemed fine, I had a full charge on the battery, I'm not sure what to do now to try and fix it, anyone know where I can get a c500 lcd display in the UK? Or a quick fix for my...
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    20×4.0 Fat tyre mudguards

    Hi,anyone know where I can purchase a set of full cover mudguards for a ebike with 20×4.0 inch tyres,metal or plastic, any help would be most appreciated. Stevie.
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    Battery pack

    The battery for my electric bike has died. 36v 10ah lithium ion batterys for a 250w motor. My electric bike is a Velosious Conquer. Bought from electricbikeoutlet on ebay 2 years no longer trading.cheers Stevie.