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    BBS02 750w Issue

    Sorry for the delayed reply guys; thanks for the advice so far. Took the controller apart and have continuity between the negative & positive wires to the 3 phase wires. So I believe the controller might be ok. Battery is currently at work with bulbs wires up to it to slowly discharge it -...
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    BBS02 750w Issue

    Chesterfield. Unfortunately don’t have another bike to test on. Bike does show 54.8v but just a red battery icon.
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    BBS02 750w Issue

    Anyway I could test for that? PswPower.. only got it in September and done maybe 250 miles tops?
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    BBS02 750w Issue

    Hi All, Wondered if someone could point me in right direction. Been out on the bike today - with what I thought was a fully charged battery. Did approx two miles and the motor started jolting; I noticed the battery indicator was dropping fast then just turned to a red icon. At first I...
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    BBS02 PressFit 30 PF30

    Hey! The SRAM adapter didn’t work as that actually converts it to 24mm (iirc) suitable for the SRAM Hallowtech bottom brackets. The FSA one did work - it did take some fitting (used a thick metal bar, nuts / washers and a plate to press into the frame) but once it was fitted it was the correct...
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    Is Shimano Hollowtech 2 BB compatible with BBSHD?

    I could be wrong here as I’m no pro.. but I think the ID of HT BB is 24mm so too small.
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    To build or not to build

    Looks a good build! Are you by any chance selling the 36T Bling Ring.... in the market for one..
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    BBS02 PressFit 30 PF30

    The original chain ring was 32T by the way.. if that helps.
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    BBS02 PressFit 30 PF30

    Again big thanks both for the feedback - if I can get two years out of this battery I will be happy; only cost £220 which was cheaper than most none branded batteries on Ebay. Started the build today; Old crank out PF30 out Thought I'd purchased the right SRAM PF30 --> BSA adapter but it...
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    BBS02 PressFit 30 PF30

    Many thanks for the feedback - didn't realise that about the Samsung cells. I thought I was doing the right thing going branded... Ordered the stabilizer bar! Exactly what I was looking for.. I brought some sheet metal home from work but there's no way I'd be able to make something as nice as...
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    BBS02 PressFit 30 PF30

    Hi, I’ve purchased a boardman 29er Pro 2016 to convert to an e-bike. I thought the only thing I had to worry about was bottom bracket size (which I measured before purchasing) but clearly I was wrong! The frame uses PF30 BB so I’ll need an adapter to convert it to BSA. From what I’ve read...
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    New to ebikes

    hi all! Many thanks for accepting my registration. Had my first go on an electric bike today and caught the buzz definitely. I have a Specialized Hardrock bike that I’d like to convert to an ebike. I’m a big guy (6ft 1in and 120kg) so I guess I’ll need something with a bit of grunt. I’d...