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    Stolen Bikes & Van

    We had the following stolen last night Bergamont E-Revox 5.0, frame number - BGM7K17M00423, key number AXA 6388L Haibike sDuro HardSeven 4.0 (2017), frame number - HAY7A500-A#AV16432826, key number Trelock H208225 Haibike sDuro Cross 4.0 (2017), frame number - HAYTA480-C#AV16634310, key number...
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    30% Off All 2017 Haibikes

    We have 30% off all remaining Haibikes we have in stock. We will be listing them all on Ebay over the next few weeks. All Models listed here...
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    Riese & Muller Demo Days Sat 4 - Sun 5 November

    This weekend aka tomorrow and Sunday we will be hosting demo days (10am - 4pm, both days). We have a Riese and Muller New Charger NuVInci with integrated battery to try as well as 11 other models. We have one off offers for anyone who orders a new Riese & Mullere-bike over the weekend. There...
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    Exciting Job Opportunity

    We stock a wide range of electric bikes from class leading brands including Wisper, Riese and Muller, KTM, Ebco, FreeGo and Bergamont. We are very careful in our selection of brands so you can be sure of working with quality products. This role would be split between our cycle business and...
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    Magura/Bosch Madness

    So after not ordering off Magura for a while we order several parts which are in stock including a classic battery and travel charger. As we recently moved we made sure that the new address was on the system. I had one other order from Magura arrive during this period, for a battery which...
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    No Sweat with Ford Electric Bike

    Ford has announced an electric bike which that provides assist when you sweat amongst other features. No mudguards though :) More evidence of e-bikes becoming mainstream!
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    Beko Ovens

    I have an over which is about 3 years old. I required some parts 30 days as they have to come from Turkey apparently (I can get ebike bits from China in around 4 days). I complained and they are now sending them from their UK stock. Apparently it is policy that you only get a shorter delivery...
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    Bike Shop Design

    Hi All, We are going to be moving to larger premises. Therefore we would love to know your pet hates for poorly designed shops and any particualr features which you like in your favourite bike shop. We have some ideas but always interested to learn from others. Dave
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    UK to Harmonise Electric Bike Law with Europe?

    Interesting article on UK ebike laws.There are some key difference from Europe. Throttles will be legal if the motor is rated no more than 250 watts but type approval will be required. This is likely to lead to higher costs for legal bikes with throttles Unsuprisingly there is a no seperate...
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    Bosch Rack Mounted battery £400

    We have one new Bosch 300wh rack mounted battery. This is an Active Line battery so it will not be compatiable with classic motors. Price includes delivery. Ideal as a spare battery. Thanks, David .
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    Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to wish you all a great Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope you get everything you want although one of those 12k Haibikes might be a push :). Plenty of new electric bike developments to look forward to next year. From the team at Electrifying Cycles
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    Magura worse than Banks

    Magura provide parts and after sale service to Bosch unfortunately I have lost patience with the way we have been treated. The current issue is them stating we are circa £30 in credit yet chasing us for £50 via a court order (letter just recieved). I have wasted endless time because these jokers...
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    Speed Pedelecs registration BS or Believable

    Can anyone prove what James at Justebikes states: i.e. that it is possible to legally ride speed pedelecs and register with DVLA. In addition can you get insurance which would be required legally. Based on other previous posts I do not believe a word. Although it would be great if true.
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    FreeGo & Juicy Bike Battery offers

    We have the following battery offer (note these are new batteries but available as the customer upgraded to a larger battery at time of purchase) FreeGo 10ah in black £200 (2 available) Juicy Bike 10ah £190 (1 available) The normal retail price is £250. These batteries fit behind the...
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    [Jul 5, 2014] July 5 - East of England Electric Bike Show (Great Yarmouth)

    Once again we will be co-organising the East of England Electric Bike Show. It will take place on 5 July from 10.00 - 17.00 next to Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre. Brands will include the following*: KTM Ebco Ave Wisper FreeGo R&M/blueLABEL Batribike Momentum Electric A2B Fast4ward...
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    Offer of the Month

    We are offering The Macina Sport for £1949 a saving of £100 quote EC It features the new 2014 active line system with up to 225% assistance. Full details are available on our website (link in signature) or The bike comes...
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    Norfolk Cycle Show

    Norfolk Cycle Show Sunday 6 April 2014 10.00 -16.00 (Main Location: The Forum, Norwich) Norfolk Cycle Show returns to Norwich on April 6 2014 and will be bigger than ever before. Last year more than 6000 people attended and many more are expected this year. Electrifying Cycles sponsor this...
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    Save £100 off any KTM electric bike

    You can save £100 off the RRP of any KTM electric bike we have in stock. The special offer runs until 10 March 2014. From April we will also be offering one special offer a month. Each month there will be a different offer. Regards, David
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    Bosch frame mounted battery £280

    We have a limited number of Bosch frame mounted batteries in white for £280 these are 288wh battery capacity. To order call 01263 513631 or email Regards, David
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    Awful American E-Bike Article

    This is one of the worst electric bike articles but sums up what some feel about electric bikes. Normally because they have not tried one. Some of hs points below: Full disclosure: I have never owned, or wanted to own, an electric bicycle. By doing the hard work for you, e-bikes cheat people...