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    USA and ebikes

    This may be of interest:- Electric Bikes Gaining Traction - BusinessWeek
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    Thoughts on the Agattu prop stand

    My Agattu was delivered with a faulty prop stand, and although 50 cycles immediately sent me a new one I remained slightly dubious about the very obvious strain which it placed on both the frame and the prop. Now several others have suffered from broken prop stands, and my worries have...
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    Well folks spring really is coming - I can state if for a fact. In order to avoid a traffic roundabout in heavy traffic, I cheekily cut through a back route into a hotel car-park and round the hotel gardens. It was a bright sunny morning and I passed between two large beds of massed...
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    I've been reading yet another news item about the Segway in America. Sorry I've lost the URL which I meant to post. Blame the clipboard. I've never liked the idea of this contraption although a lot of knowledgeable people do seem to have liked it. Has anyone here ridden one - or even seen one...
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    Better batteries

    I have one of these new fangled wind up torches. One twirls a handle for a minute and has half an hour of quite decent light from an LED. I can't believe that any sort of battery is involved and rather think that some sort of condenser must be the storage item. If so it seems quite a condenser...
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    Prospective purchasers

    I feel rather strongly that the cost of a new battery and its expected life ought to be made clear in 50cycles adverts. Few people can really be aware (or understand) how this item will cost them more than £300 after just a few years at the most. There seems to exist a real conspiracy of silence...
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    Girly bike!

    I was pleasantly amused in town this morning to see an elderly lady (though young at heart) ride past. Her bike tires were - wait for it - PINK!! I had no idea such things existed!
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    Good idea for ebikes?

    The following has appeared in today's "East Anglian Daily Times." I thought members might well be interested. I have not sought permission to copy here so it will be best not to copy this any further. I feel sure than no objection will be made to it being placed here. ==================...
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    Brake rim wear

    Reading an article extolling disk brakes on bikes I was struck by a claim that rim brakes wear aluminium wheel rims badly. Do they? That is something I confess never to have thought about.
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    I had the oddest dream last night that I must share with you lot. Perhaps we may even have a resident Freud to analyse it! I was in a laboratory with a dozen scientists. They were the genuine article, real egg head boffins in smart suits and immaculate white lab coats. They were gathered round...
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    Hub dynamos

    I'm delighted with the front wheel hub dynamo on my Agattu. Spinning the wheel by hand I don't seem to find any resistance at all. Is there significant drag with them when the lights are not in use?
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    solid wheels

    I saw a bike with solid wheels for the first time this morning. Unfortunately it was passing by quickly on the other side and I only got a quick glimpse. My impression was that it was a classy standard road bike with an expensive appearance to it. Are these wheels carbon fibre or something...
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    Bike christened

    All my bikes over the years have been named individually and I have no doubt that it would be unlucky not to name my Agattu. I therefore give notice that my Kalkhoff Agattu shall hereinafter be referred to as TauTag which name is formally reserved and registered and taken and hard luck all the...
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    Yippee - and thanks Lloyd

    The new prop stand replacement for the one that arrived broken has come by the midday post and is installed. It's good to have the Agattu looking cared for once again, thanks to Lloyd at 50cycles! I've got the old one packed up and ready to send back tomorrow. Actually I shall be charging for...
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    Vicious roadside attack on cyclist

    Riding in a perfectly legal and gentle fashion along a quiet country road, and passing a pond, I was viciously attacked this morning by a savage goose which rushed at me and, whilst hissing invective, pecked my foot. This entirely unprovoked assault is yet another indication of the deplorable...
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    Sunny weather

    I do hope you are all getting this glorious sunny weekend weather. Snowdrops, crocuses, daffodills and smiling faces everywhere here. Even a few bouncing female bottoms in spring dresses as I just rode through the town. I've just clocked up 100 miles on my new Agattu and am looking forward to...
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    The big soft cleverly sprung Agattu saddle isn't going to suit me. I've ridden enough to know that now. Severe willy pins and needles today (NO - Not that sort!) make it clear that I will need another one. But which one?? Any ideas folks?
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    Some of you "go faster" lads ought to time yourselves over a 10 mile course, including some urban miles, at your maximum deregulated speed, and then again at between 10 and 12 mph. I suspect that you might be astonished at how little time is actually saved. A friend of mine has been telling me...
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    Bicycle stands

    Felixstowe is fortunate in that there are plenty of bicycle stands around, at supermarkets, town square, and outside the public library. But they are all stands such as I would never use, just holding the bike upright by means of the front wheel being held in a slot of some kind. Even those with...
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    I've just spent four pounds in ordering a yellow hi visibility waistcoat on the web. I've been noticing that a number of cyclists do wear these fluorescent items and have felt that they are very sensible. I would really have preferred a Sam Brown Belt but they were three times the price. Do...