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  1. Denis99

    FS: Trek Super Commuter 9+ NuVinci hub

    Selling my ebike as described above. 55 cm Bike has covered approx 1700 miles from new, sale includes the additional 500w Bosch battery. Therefore the bike has covered approx 850 miles on each battery. Includes battery charger, only change from the standard spec is the tyres are converted to...
  2. Denis99

    Bosch CX crank torque figure

    I will be removing the drive side crank arm on my Bosch CX motor to perform the preventative grease packing of the bearing. Fine with all the aspects of doing this, but cannot find the tightening torque figure for the ISIS crank arm. Any help appreciated.
  3. Denis99

    DT 350 wheelset for sale

    Wheels and tyres (set up tubeless) 650b DT 350 hubs , centrelock DT Swiss XM421 rims Front 100mm spacing Rear 142 mm bolt through with XD driver hub Excellent condition £285 posted
  4. Denis99

    My new Trek Super Commuter - Nuvinci hub

    Just come back from my first ride on my new Trek Super Commuter ebike. Bosch motor, but chose the Nuvinci 380 hub geared version. I have owned Rohloff hubs in the past, and always thought they were a good idea, having said that I'm fine most of the time with conventional gears. I'm 5' 10"...
  5. Denis99

    Returning to the ebike world

    After a brief interlude of falling out with ebikes, mainly around the reliability of the bosch motor for off road trail centre riding. I have taken the plunge again, and trusted bosch power in the hope that the road based bike will prove to handle the terrain better than the Felt bikes I had...
  6. Denis99

    Bosch 500w battery

    As per the title, due to a change of plans, I have a Bosch 500w battery for sale. Works perfectly and has been used in conjunction with another battery. By that, I mean I have two batteries and use them alternately. Probably had in the region of 20 to 30 full charges, but has never given a...
  7. Denis99

    New ebike time, again

    It's a long story, but I have a new e mountain bike. Originally had a Felt Lebowske e fat bike, which had developed a repeating fault. The shop that sold me the Lebowske have been excellent in their customer service, even though it had been a frustrating time for me with the fatbike issues...
  8. Denis99

    SRAM ex 1 & new bike

    hi, I will be having a new ebike next week, it's a long story which involves a warranty replacement. The new bike I have chosen will have the new SRAM ex 1 cassette, rear mech and shifter. I'm aware of the current high cost of a replacement 8 speed cassette, but the price of these cassettes...
  9. Denis99

    Speed sensor wheel circumference

    there is a discrepancy in the real time speed on my bike. The Bosch display will read say 12.0 mph, and the Garmin GPS would read nearly 13 mph. If I understand it, the Bosch speed is related to the circumference of the tyre , whereas ths GPS unit is probably quite accurate. I have a e fat...
  10. Denis99

    Bosch performance total loss of drive

    any advice appreciated. Whilst out this morning, having ridden about 15 miles, the drive to the motor stopped completely. Battery is showing four bars,so plenty of power available ( tried my spare battery on it, makes no difference). The rear speed sensor (magnet) is in place. No error codes...
  11. Denis99

    Front sprocket help

    I will need a new front sprocket in the near future, due to me riding quite a bit. I have attached an image of the sprocket. The Connex sprockets look different to the one fitted on my bike, bosch system. Any advice on where I can get a replacement? Thanks
  12. Denis99

    Do you still have a non electric bike?

    Only recently bought my first ebike, but can't see me getting rid of the normal mountain bike. Did an uplift day at Bike Park Wales yesterday, and rode my Cove Hustler for the first time in over a week. Although there wasn't much uphill pedalling involved, the bike was more responsive for this...
  13. Denis99

    Felt Lebowsk - e fat bike

    Total newbie to ebikes, but experienced mountain biker. The bike is a Felt Lebowsk e fat bike, hardtail, see the image. I have taken the stock Rockshox Bluto off and fitted a Lauf fork in its place. Other upgrade was to the DT Swiss wheels and made the tyres tubeless. It has a Bosch 400 w...
  14. Denis99

    Felt Lebowsk e fat mtb

    My first ebike arrived today, Been fettling in the garage to get it how I wanted it. Looking forward for the first ride tomorrow, rain forecasted.
  15. Denis99

    Newbie battery mileage / usage questions

    Hi, I will be getting my first e mtb mid week. It has a Bosch mid power unit with the standard 400w battery. When climbing I imagine that. I will be in sport usage, on the flat and downhill in Eco mode. Can any experienced users suggest the sort of range I can expect based on these...
  16. Denis99

    Newbie ebiker

    Hi, Just joined the forum today, been interested in getting an ebike for some time , now I have taken the plunge and bought a bike online earlier today. I live near Afan Argoed and ride the off road trails at least three times a week with my conventional mountain bike(s). I have ordered a Felt...