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  1. cyclenut1952

    Oxygen ebike

    Hi, anybody riding an Oxygen ebike with small display?
  2. cyclenut1952

    Error code

    Hi all, have just taken bike back to dealer, error code showing motor stall, warranty expiries in 2 months so wanted to get sorted. Mechanic called can’t find a fault but they don’t have any software diagnosis machine he has just been turning it on and off numerous times. Is this acceptable...
  3. cyclenut1952

    New chains

    Help request again please, I need 2 new chains.for my ebikes. Have never fitted one before but I am capable. My concern is can I buy an exact 114 link chain straight swap or do I need to shorten, I get conflicting answers from shops. Many thanks
  4. cyclenut1952

    Rear derailleur

    Hi, do all derailleurs have a B screw? Thanks
  5. cyclenut1952

    Front forks

    Hi, would anyone know please, I have the folding bike as in picture, if I hold front forks there is slight forward/aft play below were handle bar splits to fold. Any advice appreciated as always
  6. cyclenut1952

    Front chain ring

    Hi, I have 2 identical folding ebikes, 10 months old. on cleaning them today I noticed on both, please see picture, the part attached to chain ring has started to break away, has anyone had similar issues, I will be in touch with supplier tomorrow. Many thanks
  7. cyclenut1952

    Chain jam

    Hi, can’t turn pedals backwards it locks up, free wheels and fine forwards, any ideas please.
  8. cyclenut1952


    Hi, please this is so annoying, I can pedal fine forwards but when I attempt back pedalling it locks up even with bike stood.
  9. cyclenut1952

    Broken spoke

    Hi, any advise please on replacing 1 broken spoke, 20in wheel and still spins true as I can tell, it’s getting the tension correct any tips would be appreciated.
  10. cyclenut1952

    Rear cassette

    Hi, please I am curious to know what are the Small studs for between the cogs please. Thanks
  11. cyclenut1952


    Hi, I have 2 identical bikes, my concern is the frame seems closer to the chain on one any comments would be appreciated, I realise it’s not easy looking at pics. Thanks
  12. cyclenut1952

    Linear brakes

    Hi all help needed again, This ebike is my first bike since childhood days, now 68. The brakes are driving me insane, the arms very rarely move together both sets the bikes 6 month old both do it, had back to dealer sorted then back to same as before, don’t remember brakes being this bad 50...
  13. cyclenut1952

    12 hrs battery charge?

    Hi, have now had ebike 6 months and as most read lots of info on battery care. 1 thing keeps nagging me, when I got mine I charged battery until green light then stopped. Recently have read a new battery should have an initial 12 hours, is this correct am I too late or just carry on as normal...
  14. cyclenut1952


    Hi hope everyone ok, is there any benefits or need to totally flatten the battery. Thanks
  15. cyclenut1952

    Chain lube

    hi, as a newbie, just purchased a small bottle of lubricant, makes whisky look cheap, do any of you use any products that are as good but cheaper? Many thanks Brian
  16. cyclenut1952

    Motor noise

    I realise this is very subjective, as a newish ebiker 5 months, how loud should a 250w motor be? Full power full assist. Yes probably a stupid question, taking for it’s first service and just curious. Thanks
  17. cyclenut1952

    Battery charging

    :DOk now to cheer you all up, do you charge batteries up with the battery switch on or off. If anyone could advise when they stop laughing would be appreciated.
  18. cyclenut1952

    Battery voltage

    Hi. As a bit of a worrier, I keep reading that a fully charged battery is 42v my bikes are 4 months old, they both only charge to 40.6/.7. Is this normal. Thanks
  19. cyclenut1952

    Chain and cassette

    Hi, I have 2 new ebikes, both 3 months old and kept in a integral dry garage, on 1 bike the chain and cassette always has a light rust on them. I alway clean both bikes and dry lube chains, is this normal? Thanks for any reassurance. Brian
  20. cyclenut1952

    Rear cassette

    My ebike is 2 months old, and not having any knowledge of how components should working my question is, on cleaning I noticed when rear wheel is spinning and cassette stationary it as slight side to side movement, is this normal, I am asking before phoning supplier and looking a twit. Thanks