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  1. redcup1999

    Carrera Crossfire Battery

    The one in the link should work fine with the Suntour system used in the original Crossfire-e - it's 36V and uses the Phylion SF-06 case. I have not used this particular battery with a Crossfire-e, but have used one that was supplied with my Greenway bike with the Crossfire-e with no issues.
  2. redcup1999

    Introducing the new Woosh Rambla

    Looks great. My 81 year old father is looking for a Step Thru frame ebike with Centre Drive to replace his current Giant Hub drive. This looks like it would be a great option for him. Do you have an idea of the likely weight of the bike - I assume it will be less "top heavy" than a bike with...
  3. redcup1999

    Garmin Edge 530 GPS Cycling Computer

    I have no experience with the 530, but used to own the 520 which was an excellent piece of kit. My understanding is that the 530 is like the 520 but with a few more bells and whistles (Bluetooth sensor capability and base maps preloaded for routable courses). I sold mine and changed to a...
  4. redcup1999

    Anyone riding a Bafang Max Drive (MM G330.250) equipped bike and in the UK?

    I still have my Greenway Maxdrive bike. One of the original MaxDrive bikes if that's any use. I'll send you a PM.
  5. redcup1999

    serious Commute -is it even possible

    My commute is 26 to 29 miles each way depending on the route I take and crosses the Mendip hills, 2200 feet of climbing. On a (really) good day I can do it in about 1 hour 35 minutes minutes on my Greenway Maxdrive bike - normally takes 1hr 45 minutes.. I have only done it about 5 times over...
  6. redcup1999

    Kudos Tornado - £260

    Now sold to Adam
  7. redcup1999

    Kudos Tornado - £260

    I'll send you a PM with more details.
  8. redcup1999

    Kudos Tornado - £260

    Hi Adam. Replacement batteries are around £190 including a new charger and the like from sellers on ebay. This is basically a "generic" Chinese set up, which means you can buy a standard battery and plug it in - spend more and get more capacity. I know what you are saying with "Bath Miles!"...
  9. redcup1999

    Kudos Tornado - £260

    I'm looking for £260.
  10. redcup1999

    Kudos Tornado - £260

    Up for sale is my Kudos Tornado. I bought this 2nd hand about 18 months ago. It had a fault with the controller, so I changed the controller and display for an S09P and S-LCD3. The Controller is currently set to 11amps maximum, but can be configured tor 22amps. Likewise, although the...
  11. redcup1999

    Why a Bafang BBSxx programming cable is a worthy investment!

    Same here. I bent the pins on my max drive bike as a result of using a cable like this without taking enough care. End result was a new controller was required (my fault!). I subsequently ordered a cable direct from China with the correct connector and have had no more issues. Sent from my...
  12. redcup1999

    Carrera Crossfire-e - non-Carrera replacement battery

    I've finally got around to trying the Phyllion SF-06 cased battery from my Greenway on my partner's Crossfire-e. It seems to work fine (at least in the short term). It's only a 10.4ah battery but as a spare "get you home" battery it did the job nicely when the original got down below 10%...
  13. redcup1999

    BMW Cruise e Bike - any good?

    I used the exact same phrase "What's not to like?" over here: It turns out quite a lot apparently. :-) I have ridden a Specialized Vado and was very impressed with it - so if this is similar ride...
  14. redcup1999

    BMW Cruise e Bike - any good?

    And it's £1695 if you buy from one of the BMW dealers that list them on ebay.
  15. redcup1999

    BMW Active Hybrid e-bike 2017/2018

    Brose motor. 90nm toque. 504wh battery nicely integrated. Intergated lights, mudguards. What's not to like?
  16. redcup1999

    BMW Active Hybrid e-bike 2017/2018

  17. redcup1999

    BMW Active Hybrid e-bike 2017/2018

    I've not ridden one, but if I was in the market I would definitely be testriding one of these.
  18. redcup1999

    20% off at Halfords

    And then buy gift vouchers through zeek to save another 8-10%.
  19. redcup1999

    Faulty eCarrera Crossfire

    I can understand this. What I found frustrating is that when my bike was sent off for repair (for > 3 weeks) there was no concept of a courtesy bike. This was my daily transport for commuting to work. Fortunately I had alternative means of transport but I think that there is a place in the...
  20. redcup1999

    Faulty eCarrera Crossfire

    I got a refund on my Crossfire-e - suggest you all do too. It's not fit for purpose and they don't know how to fix it. IMHO this is not a battery, connector or motor issue - it is a combination of the controller / BMS used. In certain circumstances the controller requests too much current...