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  1. grldtnr

    Help! Mirror for Carrera Crossfire

    Bicycle mirrors are expensive,and usually break in my experience. But try some motorcycle ones, if you have a motorcycle factors close to you pop in and have a look, I bought some for my recumbent trike, they fit inboard ,as they would on a motorcycle handlebar, they are normally made from...
  2. grldtnr

    Trike, front wheel drive?

    I fail to see how this post helps I fail to see how this posting helps ,the OP original query was about steering difficulty.
  3. grldtnr

    Trike, front wheel drive?

    Contrary to popular thought,you do have to balance a trike to steer it, , actually what you have to do is counterbalance it, the trike will naturally want to steer with the camber of the road,what you have to do is counteract this force, if it's going right, counter steer left, it's a very...
  4. grldtnr

    Trike, front wheel drive?

    It might help if you post which trike you have. If you are new to trikes, they are notorious for not going where you want to!
  5. grldtnr

    How many of you also own and ride a regular bike?

    I have had a recumby ,om and off, for over 30 yes, seldom have visibility problems, mainly because of what it is I have had recumbent's on &off over 30 years, I never had visibility worries, mainly because of what it is, unusual! I have had the occasional moron, but that's been rare. I do have...
  6. grldtnr

    How many of you also own and ride a regular bike?

    I have met a unicyclist on the road, he wanted me to show him the way back to town saying he was new to the area, I suspect he wanted a little chaperoning, cos it was dark,and he had no lights, I was a little skeptical. Do unicyclist go off road or tour?
  7. grldtnr

    How many of you also own and ride a regular bike?

    I own 2 recumbent trikes, four road bikes and 2 e-bikes, I thought I needed an e-bike ,which I used to commute to work, but I found it wasn't for me, e-bikes got me back cycling, but I now prefer the old 'clockwork' analogue bikes, for now. Due to stiffness problems with my arm I invested in a...
  8. grldtnr

    Brexit, for once some facts.

    What a load of ball cocks!
  9. grldtnr

    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Who's at fault here ,the seller or the buyer? My money is on the buyer, obviously didn't research the quality of the masks in question!
  10. grldtnr

    Brexit, for once some facts.

    You don't say ,about Trump! He has to be the worst American president in living memory,
  11. grldtnr

    Cracked Head

    There is a non -destructive way to test it , to see if it's cracked, but I am not sure what it's is, to my mind it isn't cracked ,just scratched, but it's best you take it back, for an exchange. If the company is reputable ,they should accept your concerns.
  12. grldtnr

    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Yeah! On the beaches, with guns & sharp pointy sticks to beat the bajaysus out of each other, it's what Belgium was made for, as a pitch for the fun & games, as some presenter on 'Top Gear' drily remarked upon. ' Juex sans Frontiers' NOT!
  13. grldtnr

    Sturmey-Archer 3 speed Hub gears for crank drive Bafang

    I do wonder?? SA gears are pretty reliable, but you have to consider if they can handle the torque of a motor, SA say you should only use a 2:1 ratio ,i.e. half the teeth on the rear cog of the front ring, per example 21 rear 42 front, some have fiddled with the SA gear by fitting 2 rear...
  14. grldtnr


    You can cope better in traffic on a trike, they are far more visible, motorist do take a lot more care when they see one, mainly cos they wonder what it is, there isn't the stop /start issue in traffic,nor any balance problems , apart from counterbalancing on sharp twisty bends, that is the...
  15. grldtnr


    My advice is to find a Recumbent dealer, and discuss with them what you would like, then try as many different types as you can. The problem is there are not many in the UK, there are more on the continent, The Netherlands will be a good place to look, as many run try before buy weekends. In...
  16. grldtnr

    Recycling rubber

    Read that cycle tyres & tubes will need to be taken to be recycled, either take them to cycle shop of refuse ctr to be disposed of at nominal charge. Fair dos I suppose, they are as problematic to get rid of as motor tyres.
  17. grldtnr

    Road bikes

    Ah well You're both WRONG! The best position is the recumbent one, you wouldn't watch the telly, sit at a desk, or drive hunched up and doubled over? Sure riding recumbent can take a little more effort at first, but it's like when you first started cycling it wasn't easy then. Riding...
  18. grldtnr

    length of lockdown?

    Ah! At last speaks a word of sense, I too think this is getting well out of hand. We are not going to live eternal lives, something is going to get us, sooner or later.
  19. grldtnr

    lots of cars today

    Traffic calming , if you like, I don't believe the answer is building more roads, or trying to'engineer'a way out of too much traffic. In my local area, a lot of money , time & inconvenience had been spent on trying to create more road space to allow traffic to speed through junctions at...