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  1. shed

    Heads up. Leon NCM Moscow back in stock

    Just had email saying that NCM Moscow in both black and white are back in stock if anyone's been waiting
  2. shed

    Any views on Ampere and Apache ?

    Looking for first ebikes for my wife and me. I'm 6ft (183cm) 75kg, she's 5'6" (168cm) and around 80kg (bit of a guess but I'm not brave enough to ask ). Would like to try and keep cost of each to below £1500. Pref range in order of 40miles plus (no steep hills around here in our part of New...
  3. shed

    Ampere Tourer ebike...any views?

    Anybody got any experience or knowledge of Ampere Tourer/Tourer S (or even Ampere Deluxe) ebikes please? Looking for one for me and one for wife (I'm 6ft 75kg, she's 5'6" and probably (not brave enough to ask!) nearer 80kg) The specs look pretty good to me including hydraulic brakes, front...