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  1. jdallan

    Motorised scooter 1916

    This appeared in today's Telegraph. I thought it might be of interest. Jim
  2. jdallan

    Electric walking bike

    See - OK for a bit of fun but more a scooter than a bike. Probably not legal in the UK. Jim
  3. jdallan

    Chinese ebikers living dangerously.

    Rather them than me! Jim
  4. jdallan

    Insecure password warning

    This may have been covered before, however I have just noticed that when I open the Pedelecs site in Firefox the address bar on my PC shows a lock icon with red strike-through . Firefox advice is "login page you’re viewing does not have a secure connection. This is to inform you that if you...
  5. jdallan

    Conversion project?

    In need of some TLC! Jim
  6. jdallan

    Interesting holiday idea?

    This guy could probably do with a conversion kit at the very least; and why does he have a rucksack on his back when his shed is right behind him? Jim
  7. jdallan

    Unwanted avatars

    Over the last two or three weeks, when I open the Pedelecs site from my bookmarks in Firefox, the top of the head of the person in the attached photo appears as the avatar for all forums. When I open any of the forums normal avatars appear. I have no idea who this individual is and the photo did...
  8. jdallan

    Members' outing?

    I came across this photo today and thought some of our younger forum members had organised an outing:) Jim
  9. jdallan

    Battery charging questions

    A couple of questions about battery charging: 1. Does it matter if there is a break in the battery charging period, or is it advisable to charge to full in one continuous charge? I usually do a continuous charge however on the odd occasion, a greater power decides that some sort of excursion...
  10. jdallan

    Air compressor

    Any recommendations for a small air compressor which would be used mainly for blowing water out of gear cogs and other nooks and crannies after servicing the bike and before lubing? I already have a "Ring" make compressor for car/bike tyres which works after a fashion but I'd like something with...
  11. jdallan

    Slime works

    Just for info.... 5 miles from home and 20 miles into my ride last night I managed to run over 2 hawthorn hedge trimmings, complete with spikes, in my front tyre (Marathon Mondial). I stopped, thinking it was just a twig stuck in the mudguard, but no such luck. I could hear the air hissing out...
  12. jdallan

    Freego Eagle step-through

    My wife has decided that cycling is just not for her even with an ebike, so her bike is for sale. It's a Freego Eagle step-through bought new in August 2013 and has done 850 miles. The bike is in excellent condition apart from scratches as shown in the attached photos taken today. The battery is...
  13. jdallan

    Unexpected windfall

    I've just received an email from Michelle Obama advising me that $25 million dollars is awaiting me in return for certain information. I'm going to provide it of course, along with my bank details, etc, because I'm sure it's genuine in view of who it's from :p Jim
  14. jdallan

    Ignored member reappears

    I have three members on my Ignore list however one of them appeared today in a thread under the usual user-name but showing newly joined - any ideas as to why this should be? (I now have 4 members on my Ignore list; 2 with the same user-name!) Jim
  15. jdallan

    New KTM EStreetP

    Thanks to great service from Mike and Martin at OnBike and Col at Fli Distribution, I have now taken delivery of my new KTM EStreetP. :) It was a long wait but worth it and I'd like to thank these gentlemen for their efforts. I attach (I hope) a couple of photos of the new bike. My KTM...
  16. jdallan

    2014 KTM EStyleP

    I am selling this bike, which I bought new in July 2014, as I am upgrading to the new KTM EStreetP. The bike is in excellent condition and has done 2800 miles without any problems. There are scuff marks on the cranks due to wear and tear however otherwise it is blemish-free. Using Flecc's...
  17. jdallan

    Nostalgic garage smell

    Maybe nobody will know what I'm talking about but can anyone remember the smell associated with some private garages many years ago? To me it was a warm, comforting amalgam of leather, rubber, car polish (probably the old yellow Simonize), petrol, creosote and old railway sleepers used for...
  18. jdallan

    What's the problem with the ebike market?

    A friend and neighbour is very keen to buy his first ebike. Having tried various makes and models, including my KTM EStyleP and my wife's Freego Eagle, he has decided that the new KTM EStreetP is the bike he wants however it appears there is none to be had. He can't even get an estimated date of...
  19. jdallan

    Problem inflating "slimed" tubes

    I am having a problem inflating the tyres of my KTM and my wife's Freego Eagle, both of which have "slimed" tubes. I use a Leyzene Classic Floor pump with a threaded connection to the Schrader valves on both bikes. The problem seems to be caused by the slime causing too much pressure for the...
  20. jdallan

    Chinese replacement for ebikes?

    Could this be the next thing in personal transport? Jim