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  1. gsm.terra

    By seized by police!

    Obviously this was an April fool Stopped by Police on the shared path between Davidson Main and Barnton at 8:35pm last night, complaints about kids on electric scooters speeding along the paths, dodging dogs and their walkers.... The Police asked me why I wasn’t wearing a proper motorbike...
  2. gsm.terra

    Decathlon Riverside 500 e price increase

    I've just noticed the Riverside 500 is now £1299 when I bought it last year it was £999 massive increase! I wonder the reasoning behind it...
  3. gsm.terra

    Wife’s Giant Frankenstein bike (possibly Giant Escape?)

    So a couple of years ago, a neighbour dumped a pretty decent looking bike, minus front wheel and a few bits. It lay in the street for weeks as I suspect no council uplift had been arranged, anyway I decided to take it.. and it’s lay in the shed ever since. Until may this year I decided to make...
  4. gsm.terra

    Very thin chain, voodoo bizango

    My mate bought a voodoo bizango this evening, on his way to mine the chain snapped! On inspection the chain is very thin metal, also it looked to be bending towards the rear wheel. Bought from Halfords, images attached.
  5. gsm.terra

    dafty on a scooter doing 44mph!

    From sky news earlier... Scooterist doing 44mph...
  6. gsm.terra

    Life changing

    as an older rider with asthma and issues with my feet (plantar fasciitis). I've been wanting an ebike for a wee while now. My previous bike was a Giant Boulder alulite, which served me 12 years, great little bike, yet getting uphill was beginning to be a problem for me as I cycle to work in...