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  1. grldtnr

    Recycling rubber

    Read that cycle tyres & tubes will need to be taken to be recycled, either take them to cycle shop of refuse ctr to be disposed of at nominal charge. Fair dos I suppose, they are as problematic to get rid of as motor tyres.
  2. grldtnr

    Agattu 11 impulse power problem

    Hello, I recently had to take the motor of for repair, I had zealously noted the connection s before I disconnected the motor, now after reinstallion I cannot get display to power up, there is a connection block that needs replacement, this is the speed sensor,but in my ignorance I don't think...
  3. grldtnr

    Performance line bearing s ltdj

    For those who are or have been inconvenienced with a broken down motor, I can heartily recommend the services of Peter Collard and his company Performance Line Bearings,he has repaired my Khalkhoff impulse motor ,the one with the Khalkhoff Klack,for less than a third of a replacement motor ,all...
  4. grldtnr

    It's finally given up !

    I am an unhappy owner of a Kalkhoff Agattu 11 SPD, I am not sure of the motor is ,but it has had problems, Not exactly the clacking noise that has beset the Duam motor , but it seems the motor freewheel has given up. The symptoms are you apply pressure to the pedals, then it slips , pedals...
  5. grldtnr

    C5 rebooted

    Caught the tail end of news report about the C5 reboot, looks good,fully faired stated 50 mile range at 25 mph( or less ), legal for 14 HR olds, looks good to me , would like to test one myself.
  6. grldtnr

    C5 rebooted

    Caught the tail end of news report about the C5 reboot, looks good,fully faired stated 50 mile range at 25 mph( or less ), legal for 14 HR olds, looks good to me , would like to test one myself.
  7. grldtnr

    Testing Khalkhoff battery

    I have a 15ah impulse battery pack, which seems to be under performing, its not had heavy use,but is near enough 2 yrs old,, it has gone down from giving me a nominal 80 mile range to 40 mile range,. I have had issues with 50 cycles when bought from them as a ex demo bike, when the original...
  8. grldtnr

    A e-Trike project

    I have a Tadpole config recumbent trike sitting at home doing nothing much ( 2 wheels front ,1 rear), easiest way of converting it would be to put a rear hub drive into it, which I don't want to do, Had a think about it , there are 2 options , it has 20'' front wheels with drum brakes ,bung a...
  9. grldtnr

    Thanks to kudos.

    Many thanks to Kudos Dave and Andy for sorting out a problem I had with my Tourer,,even tho, it was out of warranty ,it was beyond their responsibility to do the repair, but without their help , I would likely had to junk the frame. Again many thanks!
  10. grldtnr

    In the markets.....

    Looking into buying another EPAC,2 brands are in the frame KTM Macina cross 8, or the Kalhoff Tasman, would prefer a Hub gear over Derailleurs for ease of use around town, whats the opinions on these two , they must be large frames. I will be going to Netherlands in September , thinking of...
  11. grldtnr

    wet control PAS control panel

    Somehow rain water has got into the PAS control LCD on my Kudos bike, if I put it in the airing cupboard to dry out, should it work? power cut out on it, so suspect it has shorted out inside, tho' it did come back after I gave it wiggle after switching power on & off again. or...
  12. grldtnr

    a techie question....

    I have a 'Kudos' tourer 8 spd, with 700c wheels, What effect would changing the wheel size have on the bikes' computer, would that alter the riding characteristics in any way, I.E extending the battery range ,speed, or torque, Not done anything with it, just figuring things out?
  13. grldtnr

    Pedelecs In the Netherlands for hire

    Maybe I am not looking in the right places, but I am trying to find pedelecs for hire in Holland,sure I could take my own on the ferry,but I prefer to fly and hire instead. Any advice on where to look?
  14. grldtnr

    Many thanks,great customer service

    Many thanks to Kudos cycles in posting me a replacement part for my chainguard for my Tourer,which somehow fell off? Exemplary service, many thanks to you K.Dave yours Gerald
  15. grldtnr

    uprating battery

    Currently (no pun!) my bike has a 10ah 36 v batt, would it be possible to change this to a more powerfull one without having to change any of the electrics, ,such as that it would give a longer range, 30 miles is a little limiting ! The bike is fine for its main use, but as I used to tour on...
  16. grldtnr

    Nexus 8 spd with roller brake

    just this week I have bought a kudos tourer 8 spd , I have concerns over the reliability of the hub,after searching on line about removal of back wheel for Punctures and things relative to maintenance . What struck me were the number of comments regarding failure of the gear internals of...
  17. grldtnr

    Kudos Tourer 8 spd ,a beginners story

    Recently bought a Kudos Tourer from their base at Swalecliffe,first impressions are favourable, will post more about my experience with it as 'we'grow old! 1st off ,not easy to pick and choose an e- bike ,there are not many dealers have them , the guys at Kudos were very helpfull in letting me...
  18. grldtnr

    Ordering conversion kits from China

    Any pitfalls in doing this ? looked at greenbikekits , the price seemed a little on the 'ight' side,plus I am confused weather the battery pack is included, I don't want to order to find out that customs & excise would want their blood money before I can have it! I know from working at 'Royal...
  19. grldtnr

    looking to convert...

    Yo! having retired hurt from the cycling scene,( a careless driver), i am wondering about converting my recumbent trike to a pedelec,it is a 'tadpole',single rear drive(700c)two steering front with hub brakes.(650c) Currently considering the Alien ocean kit, that would be ,as they...