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    Cooked my brakes

    First thing I did was upgrade the brakes, rear is 200+ mm and front is 220mm iirc. Never had a problem!.
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    definative answer on battery care?!

    I always fully charge mine then run it down to 20% ish.
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    well plod ceased my m8s ebike last night

    And they seized his bike..
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    well plod ceased my m8s ebike last night

    Technically it's a motorcycle so he could indeed be charged with Drink Driving and no insurance. Bad life choices have landed him in hospital unfortunately, only good thing is he didn't run anyone over..
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    Torque Power Pack useless

    A properly set up torque sensing bike is a pleasure to rind. My TSDZ2 is just like riding normally with more powerful legs for want of a betted description. With the TSDZ2 you should have nothing on the pedals when you turn it on as it self calibrates the torque sensor on every boot up, don't...
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    May have damaged thread on new Bafang BBS02 motor. Any easy solution?

    Other option is an imperial thread and allen bolt if one is marginal bigger.
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    May have damaged thread on new Bafang BBS02 motor. Any easy solution?

    Helicoils are quite thin, I'd be surprised if you couldn't have one fitted?, local car garage or motorcycle shop maybe. We use Wurth inserts which are a better repair but an M8 insert uses a 9.5mm hole iirc.
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    TSDZ2 speed sensor works partly

    I'd say vfr400's description is right and that's why mine works out of the box. I have unused sockets on the VLCD5 holder.
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    TSDZ2 speed sensor works partly

    My TSDZ2 worked straight out of the box, just the VLCD5 display, motor unit, battery and speed sensor fitted. Is it all standard wiring?.
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    850c with TSDZ2 - wheel size choices Help

    You can buy a cheap gps speedo to calibrate the TSDZ2 but 27" will be more than good enough.
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    Tannus Tyres?.

    I've been looking into the Tannus Airless tyres, specifically for the back of my Nuvinci hubbed mid drive conversion. Has anyone on here had any experience with them?. Fitting wise I'm not to fussed if it is a chore it's mainly grip and ride quality. Firm is fine (I have a suspension...
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    Suntour SP12 NCX suspension seatpost bargain!

    I've had an NCX SP12 on my GTECH for 6 years, it's had the stainless pin and bush rebuild around 2 years ago. Bought another recently for my Carrera TSDZ2 conversion. At 77kg I set standard spring pre-load bang on middle and it's been fine. I didn't know you could buy covers, bought two...
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    I bought the oddest suspension seat but awful.

    I've just bought a Suntour NCX SP12 for my 2nd Ebike, run one on the GTECH as well. Not cheap but very well made.
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    Can you fit an after market battery to a bosch equipped bike

    Yep same here, Samsung for me (Android) all day long.
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    Controllers and batteries XT60 connectors...

    As said, the connector least likely to be accidentally shorted out should be on the live (battery) side.
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    Can you fit an after market battery to a bosch equipped bike

    Probably not a lot, if you've ever worked on modern cars they are all CanBus controlled, Dealer Software required for flashing modules etc. That's not going to change. They can't expect Bosch Cycle division to work to a completely different set of rules to Bosch Automotive imho. Just look at...
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    Charging to X% - What about rigging up a voltmeter with alarm?

    I just charge them up, my GTECH managed 6 years constant use like that so in my book that's all you can ask from a battery. Same with phone, cordless tools ect, all charged to full and never had a problem. My DeWalt Lithium drill is knocking on 15 years or more now and still works fine..
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    Tongsheng TSDZ2 review and build tips.

    I did a TSDZ2 conversation as well, left it bone stock and with 36v 15ah battery it rides great. The Nuvinci 360 hub is well suited to the TSDZ2.
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    Samsung - are we just paying for the name?

    You get what you pay for, I have a 36v 15ah Samsung celled battery and it's lasted very well, no issues at all.
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    Help needed...TSDZ2 on Carrera Vengeance. M5 bolts too short.

    I'm sure my kit came with spacers and choice of bolts? (TSDZ2 36v on a Vengeance Ultimate).