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  1. kribble

    Halfords Pendleton

    This is on offer again at £600, normal price £750. Just be aware that Halfords are using a third party to moderate their reviews. I reviewed the bike twice now and each time my review has been rejected. Halfords would not tell me why nor give me any way to contact the third party. This means...
  2. kribble

    Upgrade a King Meter 790 LED display?

    I have an unbranded King Meter 790 LED display. Its fitted with a 5-pin waterproof plug. Is to possible to upgrade this to a higher spec or would that involve programming? Would I need a special programming box or are there secret button presses? It has the numbers 55979117-1707 and...
  3. kribble

    Spare battery and charger for Pendleton e-bike

    I've just bought a spare battery and charger for my Halfords Pendleton e-bike! I'd read that Halfords did not always stock these and that they were expensive; £250 for the battery and £45 for the charger. So I was well chuffed to get both for under £150! I wanted to share this...