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    Tannus Tyres?.

    I've been looking into the Tannus Airless tyres, specifically for the back of my Nuvinci hubbed mid drive conversion. Has anyone on here had any experience with them?. Fitting wise I'm not to fussed if it is a chore it's mainly grip and ride quality. Firm is fine (I have a suspension...
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    My Carrera Vengeance Ultimate/ TSDZ2 build (in progress..)

    Hello all, I'm on with a second ebike (self build) as a weekend project. This will be a Nuvinci 360 rear hub, TSDZ2 mid drive on my Carrera. Spent a productive morning off work cleaning the bike and removing the crank, rear wheel, servicing the brakes etc. The Nuvinci came in a prebuilt 26"...
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    TSDZ2 vs BBS-HD which would you chose?.

    Hello all, my plan on converting my Carrera mountain bike over to e-assist may be happening sooner than planned after selling some car bits!. I've narrowed it down to either the TSDZ2 torque sensing 350w or the BBS-HD. I really like the idea of the torque sensing pedal assist, but my sensible...
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    Bike tool kit?.

    Hello all, can anyone recomend a pre packed bike tool kit?. I have penty of tools being a motorcycle mechanic but is there a kit with crank arm pullers, bottom braket tools etc or am I best ordering it all seperate?. Any ideas what tools I would need to fit a BBS kit to my Carrera bike...
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    How do the BBS converted bikes ride?.

    Hello all, bit of an odd question but bear with me!. I've been reading up on the BBS conversions and I'm looking at the HD. I have a Carrera Vengence with disc brakes, front shocks and soon to be fitted Nuvinci 360 rear hub. I plan on fitting the hub and using the bike legs only to iron any...
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    BBS02 bottom bracket?.

    Hello all, do the BBS02 kits come in different widths or are they all the same bb width?. The advert says from 68mm to 73mm so presume it's one size fits all?.