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  1. Grebacwhite

    Wisper Wayfarer H7 review

    Happy to say after a week and 50+ miles, the Wayfarer has been an excellent choice of e-bike with the bigger 700Wh battery fitted. Riding a mix of canal towpaths, cycle paths and road, the Wayfarer needed a few turns on the preload for the bumpy canal path with the suspension being quite soft...
  2. Grebacwhite

    Hi everyone, i'm new to electric bikes, hoping to purchase one in the next 1-2 weeks!

    Hello all! I've been bitten by the electric bike bug! Had a break from cycling the last 5 years, but looking to get motivated and back into it again for fitness and enjoyment. Still yet to buy my first electric bike to do the 4 mile commute to work(each way that is), and a couple of...