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    Need for LESS speed!

    Hi all, I have a couple of dogs that (like me) are now getting on a bit. I can no longer walk any real distance so I treated myself to an eBike which has pretty amazing performance - but that's the problem! I really want to be able to just quietly cycle along at pretty much average walking...
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    Retirement, the beach and my dogs!

    So now I have retired I have lots more time to spend on the beach with my 2 Springers BUT age is catching up so what I would like is an electric bike that is good on beaches (mainly soft sand). I'm not worried about speed at all because the dogs will have to keep up but I'm not a "techy" type...
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    Tesco in Ebike market at £450

    This looks interesting from a big outfit like Tesco - thoughts? Unexpected error occurred - Tesco.Direct
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    Marathon Plus anyone?

    This looks like a pretty good deal for anyone wanting 2 marathon plus and 2 inner tubes delivered for £39.99 Schwalbe Marathon Plus Puncture Resistant Tyre & Tube Combo ONLY £68.98 [ MARACOMBO ] - Discount Cycles Direct - Best Prices, Great Service
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    Looks good to me!

    I think this looks like a great town bike and the price is keen too - what do you guys think? Gocycle: The fold-up electric bicycle fit for the 21st century
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    A simple mod!

    Just been looking at the quick connect/disconnect lead to the motor on the Synergie - why don't all electric bikes have this? Anyway, it looks like the simplest of mods and I can't think of any reason not to do it - do you?
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    Montane Featherlite - half price!

    LakesClimber is doing a special on the Montane Featherlite H2O Jacket just now - down from £60 to £30 delivered which has got to be a good deal for anyone looking for a good lightweight jacket. Here's the link: Welcome to Lakes Climber Online | Clothing | Hard Shells | Montane Featherlite...
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    Spokey Joe Bike Trailer for under £49

    This offer from Tesco Direct has just come up on another site I use - a bike trailer for under £49 can't be bad if you're after a good trailer! Spokey Joe Trailer was £89.99 get it for £48.86 delivered ( less using sim card looph - HotUKDeals Forum
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    Mirror, mirror!

    Disaster! I managed to acquire a cracking mirror that screwed into the brake [6mm I think] a few weeks back and today I had my first fall [wet mud, doh!] and the screw sheared - end of mirror. I've searched everywhere for another one of these but with no luck - does anyone know where I can...
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    Learning Curve

    I started night school yesterday [doing basic bike maintenance] and it was great fun and very informative. We covered punctures last night and everybody had a go at stipping the tyre and tube, checking for the cause of puncture and then refitting - I feel much more confident about being able...