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    Dc-dc off grid chargers

    If using a DC/DC converter for battery charging, it's important to set the constant current control (CC) to a suitable level for your battery pack. If it is set too high, it could do damage. Typically, (as VFR says) for a 10 to 15Ah/36V pack two to three amps is a good target. When the converter...
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    "ebike battery fire"

    Saw this today, anyone know any more detail about it, or is it just speculation?
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    What do you use for cell welding?

    This guy replaced the secondary winding to get his to work properly:
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    What do you use for cell welding?

    This guy took quite drastic action to get his Sunko 788 working properly:
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    What do you use for cell welding?

    Interesting stuff. Here are some links I found that people might find useful:
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    What do you use for cell welding?

    I bought a Sunko 737 welder, and I used it to build a few packs, but it is not at all safe and reliable. It relies on a 20A fuse in the 13A plug (with a mains cable probably rated at 10A) and after every 30 or 40 welds, it will blow that 20A fuse. It can also only be used in houses that don't...
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    Charging pack to 41V experiment

    Up to 150 cycles now. Pack voltage 41.044V: Bank no. ) Voltage 1) 4.1029 2) 4.1016 3)...
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    Schottky Diode Parallel Pack Adaptor

    Just bought a couple of these: Looks like it is based on the 4357 ideal diode chip, driving a power MOSFET: I'll try it out and report back.
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    Attaching a Li battery to a controller

    Will the low voltage cut off of the controller designed for lead acid batteries be ok for lithium? I imagine that will be set for about 34 to 35 V so it shouldn't do any harm, but range may be lower than might be expected.
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    ok to drill 2 holes in frame?

    I wouldn't want to go drilling holes in the frame. Best solution I've found is to 3D print your own mounts:
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    Tongsheng TSDZ2 with generic KT controller

    Had a look on Endless Sphere and there was this link about an external controller on this Italian forum: So it seems possible. I wonder how well it ran.
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    Tongsheng TSDZ2 with generic KT controller

    I was wondering, has anyone ever tried controlling a TSDZ2 not with the stock controller, but a generic off the shelf 15A controller? Can it be done?
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    Rear hub motor recommendations for cycle courier bike

    Last week I sent an email to Bonnie to ask about Xiongda CST motors. Sadly, the company has decided to no longer sell to individual buyers :( Minimum order size is now 100 units. Any other options?
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    Genius, mad man, or common sense? Chain lubrication

    I am inclined to agree with you, but having hub gears means you then have to go mid drive or front drive.
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    Genius, mad man, or common sense? Chain lubrication

    Just so long as you've got the labels all pointing the same way you'll be fine... ;) With chains I think you have to be a bit pragmatic about it. It's the hardest working bit of your bike and once exposed to the elements, they don't last. Chains are so cheap now, if you ride a lot it's best...
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    Broken rear spoke. Caused by rear motor?

    Spokes from Ryan do all sorts of spokes, including variable thickness:
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    Dead charger

    With one of my Sans chargers, one of the toroids was not soldered properly onto the PCB. It didn't cause a mains trip, but the charger would not work. Once soldered securely in place it all worked ok. Have a look out for poor soldering with a good magnifying glass. A lot of the stuff that comes...
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    Solar charging of my e-battery

    Yes it can be done. You need a USB-C handshake board to tell the port to supply 20V, not 5V, then you need a voltage converter to step up the 20V to 42V.
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    Prostatectomy saddle

    Just a thought to throw into the mix - how about a recumbent bike? Spread the load over your body rather than on its most sensitive bits. Best wishes for the op, hope all goes well!
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    Replace the gear cassette on an e-Bike?

    I quite often find that the magnet disc can get knocked on things and get twisted as it is quite exposed, so turn the crank a full revolution and see that it is the same distance away throughout and try and get the gap to the sensor to be as small as possible without touching. On my controller...