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    Battery Storage/Use

    Hi, I thought I would post this info if anyone is interested, especially newbies..................
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    Ticking/Clicking noise from back wheel ?

    Hi All, I have a very noticeable ticking/clicking noise coming from my back wheel I assume. It is there at all speeds and gears constantly, as if something is brushing the spokes. The bike is a Shimano steps crank drive Volt Axis. I have looked incessantly into this, it only occurs when I am...
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    Volt = Horsepower

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    Paws Up from Toby in his new bike.

    Toby is just loving this
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    Volt Axis very good with a little bad.............

    Hi here is a short summary of my new bike Volt Axis Shimano Steps 6100 I am a retired pensioner with some health issues. I have not been able to ride my normal bike what with some steep hills where I live, for some time now. with this machine I can at last.The Shimano Steps 6100 is a...
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    Volt Axis front light not working

    Hi, My Volt Axis, Shimano Steps model delivered today, not had chance to ride it as yet, however I cannot get the front light to turn on, rear light comes on/off fine, have sent email to Volt no reply to my query so far, got me stumped any help much appreciated.
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    Volt Axis

    Hi, Just ordered Volt Axis folding bike. This will be my first electric bike and hoping it will help a pensioner get back into cycling without having to worry about the hills. Any advice on this model would be appreciated. cheers